How to play and win Monopoly Instant Scratchie in Australia?

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Monopoly Instant Scratchie
Monopoly Instant Scratchie

Monopoly Instant Scratchie

The Monopoly Instant Scratchie is the new scratch card game for Aussie punters to enjoy and win prizes worth Australian million. Monopoly Instant Scratchie game is based on the iconic Monopoly board game and offers players a chance to win cash prizes by revealing matching symbols or prize amounts on the scratch card. This newest edition of Monopoly game costs from AU$2 only giving you the chance to play for real with two top prizes of $100,000. Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its game would appeal to those who loved the classic board game but wanted the chance to swap monopoly money for real money.

If you are nostalgic of the classic Monopoly board game that you played as a kid and remember how easy it was to fantasise about what you would do if the thousands of dollars of colourful paper money and the exclusive real estate you owned on the board was real, then this game of similar theme will surely attract you. With a one-in-four chance of winning on this ticket and a total of 620,000 prizes up for grabs, you could be one of the many players taking home a share of the $6.6 million in prize money available on this ticket.

With the $5 Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its ticket, you can roll the dice and take your chance at the community chest to your heart’s content without having to share as you did in the old board game.

Ticket Costs of Monopoly Instant Scratchie

Monopoly scratch $10 ticket
Monopoly scratch $10 ticket

There are three variations of tickets of Monopoly Instant Scratchie at lottery stores which are as follows:

$2 Monopoly Ticket

Play for fun with our $2 monopoly Instant Scratch-Its ticket! Match any of the 2 lucky symbols to any of the 8 monopoly symbols to win the prize shown for that MONOPOLY symbol.

There are two Top Prizes of $25,000 and over 460,000 real cash prizes.

$5 Monopoly Ticket

Just like the classic game, you’ll love collecting properties and seeing what your rolls could win you, in an instant.  You can win two Top Prizes of $100,000 and win up to 4 times in one ticket. Also there are over 320,000 real cash prizes.

$10 Monopoly Ticket

Play the $10 monopoly Instant Scratch-Its ticket with over $5 Million in real to be won. The ticket features the classic scratch and match style game plus Community Chest and Chance squares where you could reveal any collect card and win the dollar value shown on that card.

There are two top Prizes of $250,000 and over 210,000 real cash prizes to be won.

How to play the new $5 Monopoly Instant Scratchie in Australia?

How to play the new $5 Monopoly Scratchie in AU

The new Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its tickets are available now at the Lott lottery outlets in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

There are two Top Prizes of $100,000 and $6.6 Million in prizes to be won. Pick up your favourite Instant Scratch-Its tickets at your nearest retail outlet and enjoy the thrill of playing for a chance to win cash prizes!
There are three Ways to win – Collecting the properties to win in the Prize Legend. Chance and Community Chest and you can win up to 3 times. Chance of winning the top prize is 1 in 1,100,000 for the $5 Monopoly ticket and the highest amount that can be won on this ticket is $100,000.

The $10 ticket includes bonus chances to win with the chance and community chest cards, or match any of your lucky numbers to any of the MONOPOLY numbers for a chance to win up to $250,000.

Also there is a second chance to win if you didn’t win a prize on your Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

How to know that you are a winner

Monopoly scratchie winner
Monopoly scratchie winner can be found after the draw

Instant Scratchies Draw takes place at 9.15am AEST on the second Wednesday of every month for the promotion month prior. For example, the Draw for entries submitted in January would occur on the second Wednesday of February. If this date falls on a public holiday, the Draw takes place on the next business day. 

The Lott will attempt to notify the lucky winner, using the contact information in their online account, within seven days of the Draw.

The Lott must then verify the winner’s identity and original non-winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket relating to their entry. Finally, announcements are made on the Winners website only once the prize payment has been finalised.

The 2nd Chance Draw winners need to be verified if drawn. You will need to produce your original Instant Scratch-Its ticket entered as proof of purchase, and to allow the Lott team to verify it was a non-winning ticket. 

How to claim prize on winning Instant scratchies

How to claim prizes in Instant scratch games

There are several ways to collect your your Instant Scratch-Its prize. Prizes less than $1,500 can be claimed at any retail outlet that sells Golden Casket Instant Scratch-Its tickets by presenting your winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

For prizes $1,500 and over simply complete their Prize Claim Form and enclose the winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket, remembering to keep copies for your own records. Affix a postage stamp and mail to: ADMINISTRATION, Locked Bag 7 COORPAROO DC QLD 4151

Your prize payment should be processed and paid within 10 working days of receipt of your claim form by Golden Casket, or after necessary waiting periods as listed. Remember to write your name, address, postcode, telephone number and signature on the back of your winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

Under Section 129 of the Lotteries Act (1997) all Instant Scratch-Its prizes must be claimed within 7 years after the relevant Instant Scratch-Its Game Closure date.

How to verify yourself to claim the prize

Verification is needed so that you get full access to your The Lott account. Also to confirm that you are over the age of 18 years and you live in a location where the Lott can legally offer you their lottery products.  

This requirement is outlined by the governments in the Australian states and territories which have granted Lott  the official licences to operate lotteries. This includes Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and South Australia. 

The Lott uses an online service called VIX Verify’s GreenID. One or more pieces of identification are required to verify your identity.  

  • To verify your identity, follow the simple steps below: 
  • Log in to your online account at
  • Select the account icon. 
  • A red notification in the account menu will appear as a reminder to verify your account. 
  • Select Verify to open the online verification portal. 
  • Enter your identification documentation details until the verification progress bar reaches 100.  
  • A confirmation message will appear on the page once verified and they’ll send confirmation to your nominated email address. 
  • If you are having issues verifying your identity, contact their Customer Support team on 131 868. 

Remember that verifying your identify can only be done on The Lott website.  In most cases, two identification sources will need to be entered. 

The following documents can be used to verify your identity. Acceptable primary photographic identification documents are as follows:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • National identity card
  • Proof of age card
  • Acceptable primary non-photographic identification documents:
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate.

Acceptable secondary documents are:

  • Name and address on a government-issued pension card
  • Name and address on a utility notice
  • Name and address on a council rate notice, a security document, mortgage, land title records
  • Name and address on the electoral roll
  • Name and address from educational records, trade professional membership or employment records
  • Name, address and phone number verified from the latest telephone directory as well as phone contact on that phone number.

How to get second chance draw in Instant scratchies?

Second chance draw - Instant Scratch
Second chance draw – Instant Scratch

Scratch eClub offers you the opportunity to enter your eligible non-winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets in a monthly second chance draw, as well as automatic entry into a monthly birthday draw!

The monthly second chance draw has varying prizes each month. All you need to do is: Register and become a ScratcheClub member; Select the non-winning ticket(s) you are entering into the draw (you can enter more than one ticket at a time) Hang on to the tickets entered as you must produce the ticket to claim a prize should you be a winner.

Instant Scratch-Its tickets have evolved over the years and today there are many different tickets at various price points to cater for every type of player. You can join the he Scratch eClub online that has been developed to reward loyal customers with Monthly Second Chance Draw with varying prizes each month.
Also registering for the Scratch eClub automatically enters you into the birthday draw, giving the chance to win the monthly birthday draw that is relevant to your month of birth! If you are the monthly birthday winner you will receive a birthday gift from Instant Scratch-Its. You must produce photo identification to claim a prize.

The Scratch eClub also offers a range of puzzles for you to play that are regularly updated.


Monopoly Instant Scratchie is a popular and engaging scratch card game offered by The Lott in Australia. Inspired by the classic Monopoly board game, this scratchie game provides players with an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of instant wins by revealing symbols, numbers, or prize amounts on their tickets. It combines the nostalgia of Monopoly with the excitement of potentially winning cash prizes.

Like all scratch card games, Monopoly Instant Scratchie should be enjoyed responsibly and within one’s means, as it is a form of gambling. You are encouraged to approach these games as a source of entertainment rather than a guaranteed way to make money.

Also note that game offerings, including Monopoly Instant Scratchie, can change over time, and new variations may be introduced. To stay updated on the latest games, prize amounts, and any changes related to Monopoly Instant Scratchie, you should visit The Lott’s official website.


Q1. How do I play Monopoly Instant Scratchie?

To play Monopoly Instant Scratchie purchase a ticket from an authorized lottery retailer. Then use a coin or your fingernail to scratch off the protective coating on the ticket to reveal symbols, numbers, or prize amounts. Check if you have any winning combinations as per the game’s rules.

Q2. What can I win with Monopoly Instant Scratchie?

The prizes for Monopoly Instant Scratchie can vary, including cash amounts and other prizes. The specific prize amounts and types will be outlined on the ticket and may differ based on the game’s version and your winning combinations.

Q3. How do I claim my prize if I win with Monopoly Instant Scratchie?

If you have a winning Monopoly Instant Scratchie ticket, follow the instructions provided on the ticket to claim your prize. The process may involve visiting an authorized retailer or contacting The Lott’s customer support. Prize claim procedures and requirements can differ based on the prize amount and specific game rules.

Q4. What are the odds of winning Instant Scratchies?

The odds of winning a prize on Instant Scratchies are generally 1 in 4, however this doesn’t mean that if four tickets are purchased one has to be a winner. These are overall odds based on the total number of tickets available for sale in a game, not on an individual purchase.  All prize amounts (including the top prize) are only available until won. This may occur prior to all tickets in a game being sold.

Q5. Do I have to pay tax on my wins?

In Australia, lottery winnings including instant scratchies are classified as tax-free income.  This includes all prizes won through Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries, Tatts, Tatts NT and SA Lotteries. 

Q6. How do I contact the Lott?

You can contact the lott on Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 9:00pm AEST for online enquiries. For all other enquiries they are available Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm AEST

Call on +61 7 3877 1000 if you are located overseas or call at 131 868. Also there are ways to contact their support team given on their website.

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