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Hairy Fairies
Hairy Fairies

Hairy Fairies scratch card slot game is developed by Microgaming in 2015. Hairy Fairies is a fairly themed online scratch card games that can be played instantly without any download.  These fairies are homeless and will make you laugh because of the funny plot of the story, presented on the gaming screen or monitor. Night, mountains of rubbish, homeless presented as the fairies and other romantic attributes and wonderful animation when pressing on the fairy, it will light up and you will be able to see how one homeless fairy turns into the multiplier game.

The animations in the game are are captivating, and there is a theme appropriate audio. Technically, the quality of the game is high and the game itself is solid and simple. It has a multiplier feature. It has 95% RTP, which is typical. The volatility, or variance, of this slot is medium, and is more for the casual slot player than high rollers.

In this slot, you will find a swing set hung on a tree, a shed, a fence and a wheelbarrow filled with trash. These items occupy the background to the slot making it interesting to play.

How to play Hairy Fairies?

To play Hairy Fairies you need to join any Microgaming powered online casino. Play for free or with real money that’s your choice.

Before redeeming the prizes hidden in this lot, you have to first set your prefered stake. You can do this by adjusting the stake using the -/+ buttons located at the bottom of the slot. You can set the stake from a minimum of 0.50 to a maximum of 10.

The Hairy Fairies slot uses 12 symbols — 3 vertically and 4 horizontally. You can open 9 of them. Each symbol hides a multiplier. If you collect three identical multipliers, the win is credited to your account. For example, if with the bet is 2 credits and you collect three x2 multipliers after opening nine icons, you get a payout of 4 credits.

Use two buttons of beer cans to control the game:

  • Stake
  • New Card

All you need to do in this game is to press on the needed buttons and reveal the hidden symbols. Entering the game you will see homeless, flying like fairies on the background. To start playing you need to press “New card” button.

Therefore to begin this game, you have to click the new card beer can for new fairies to float to the screen display. You will then proceed to pop the bubbles surrounding the fairies so as to reveal the multiplier payouts awarded by the fairies. After that you need to press on any 9 fairies from all  as in total you will see 12 of them on the interface and you will see multipliers from the right side of the game.

Thus you have 9 chances to scratch pop the fairies as they float around. You can speed up the process by clicking the reveal all button.

How to win

Whenever you pop a fairy, the multiplier payout is indicated at the left side of the slot on top of the tree trunk.

Whenever you load Hairy Fairies, you will interact with different characters which include male fairies. The fairies will offer different payouts depending on the fairy payouts matched. Whenever you click the fairies are clicked they will award a multiplier payout and they will be shown on the left side of the slot. You can win up to 2500X your total bet. The tree trunk will act as a paytable and from there you can find out if you have managed to match at least 3 multipliers.

If you manage to land a win, then the win is displayed right at the bottom of the slot on the beer can with the win labeled on it. This win will be the result of multiplying the stake and the multiplier payout.

Game Features

You have multipliers as game features

Unlike many online slots, Hairy Fairies is an instant win game which does not have any additional features apart from the multipliers. The fairies will float around and award different multipliers and depend on the number of multipliers matched then a win is awarded. It is important to note that whenever there is a possibility that you have matched more than one multiplier payout, then the highest win is paid out to the player.

Apart from the multiplier, there is no substantive bonus game and players are supposed to get satisfied playing the base game.

The Game Paylines

In Hairy Fairies, you will not find any defined paylines which will give you multiple opportunities to make winning combinations with each spin. You have to match at least 3 symbol multipliers to receive a payout.

As mentioned above you have to watch out for the fairy awarding the 2500X multiplier as this is the best symbol in this game. Matching 3 of this symbols will award a 2500X payout multiplier on your total bet.


Q1. How many Fairies are selected to play the game?

In Hairy Fairies, players are prompted to select nine out of 12 floating fairies. Each fairy reveals a win amount when clicked. In order to win, players must match three win amounts.

Q2. Where does winnings show up?

All winnings show up at the bottom of the screen on the Win can. Players who do not wish to individually select fairies can select the Reveal All option, located on the New Card can.

Nine fairies are selected at random. The prize amounts connected to the fairies are revealed simultaneously, making for ultra-quick game play. Though the Reveal All option makes game play quicker, players who use it will miss out on the fun of picking their own floating fairies.

Q3. What are shower of sparks?

When clicked, each fairy agitates his wand, releasing a shower of sparks and revealing his win amount. The fairies boast fun expressions and mannerisms. Clicking on the hairy fairies is truly the best part of the game. Each fairy brightens up a bit when selected, allowing the player to clearly see which fairy he or she has picked. Some fairies produce sound effects when clicked. Matches and wins also trigger sound effects.

Q4. What are the multipliers in the game?

The game has 6 multipliers, which are x2, x3, x5, x12, x100, and x2,500. And only one of the multipliers can be won during a single game. If more than one multiplier exists, the highest one will be used, and the other is dumped. There is no limit to the number of winnings allowed here, and bonus features are limited to the game multiples.

Q5. How to win?

The highest win on this slot is 25,000 credits, which is issued for the highest multiplier. The base game does not have a paytable, and you can click the question mark on the top right corner to open the game’s rules. Interestingly, multipliers are not represented by any specific fairy.

The game is played like all scratch games, whereby players must select a certain number of cards out of a total and reveal the hidden symbols beneath those cards. If the winning combination is revealed, the player is awarded the equivalent amount of money that the winning combo results.

Other Fairy Themed slots to play

Miss White

There are numerous Fairy themed slots to play from various gaming developers. Here are the few to mention.

1. Fortune Hill

Fortune Hill by Playtech  with cartoon characters has a magical wizard and dainty fairy scattering fairy dust, whilst a scary ogre steals mushrooms. The hero of the story, a spritely elf, courageously takes them back.

It is packed full of rewarding features. The fortune wheel rotates beside the reels upon every spin and can award a range of fantastic features, including cash prizes, expanding wilds, re-spins with freezing wilds, and magnificent multipliers. The game also boasts Rainbow free games and the Magic Mushroom bonus.

2. The Frog Prince

This slot tells the story of a spoiled princess who befriends a frog, which magically transforms into a handsome prince upon her kiss.

Based on Grimms fairytale you transform the three frog symbols into stacked Prince wilds with an additional bet. This enchanting game has beautifully coloured defined graphics and music which would befit a Disney princess movie. The slot features a free spins bonus, where extra wilds and multiplier wilds are added to the reels for the chance to grab some royal winnings.

Wish upon a Jackpot

3. Pixies of the Forest

In this slot there are the three pretty pixies sprinkle their fairy dust and add plenty of sweet giggles as you play, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

The slot includes the Tumbling Reels feature, where any winning symbols disappear and are replaced with new ones. This innovative feature means that from just one spin, you can stack up numerous wins. There is also a free spins bonus, and you earn up to 11 free fairy tale slots with super-rich reels, creating the possibility of impressive wins.

4. Alice Adventures in Wonderland

From Ash gaming Alice adventures in wonderland you’ll see all the familiar characters in the game, with the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and, of course, Alice. There are tons of exciting features which bring the slots fairytale theme to life, with the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party bonus, the Rabbit Hole bonus and Pocket Watch bonus. The game also boasts a progressive jackpot.

5. Piggies and the wolf

In this slot from Playtech there are three little pigs. The piggies include a stoner in his lacklustre straw house, a banjo strumming country-bumpkin in his mid-range wooden house, and the rich and dapper chap in his indestructible brick house.

The game includes plenty of rewarding features that up the excitement of the gameplay. The Huff N’ Puff shuffle feature sees the cool wolf blowing symbols off the reels for a shot at more wins. 

Fairy Tale Legends

6. Miss White

Miss White slot from IGT  includes all the imagery you expect from the story, with the beautiful leading lady, the handsome prince, the wicked witch and the dwarfs, all captured with beautifully sharp and colourful graphics. The slot boasts some impressive features, including End2End symbol expansion, MultiWay Xtra wagering and the Magic Mirror free spins bonus.

7. Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood

This slot from NetEnt features the highest quality graphics, captivating sound, and plenty of rewarding features. These include the 3 random features; Fairy Magic Spin, Fairy Surprise, and Fairy Wild Spin. Another highlight is the bonus feature. Pick from 3 treasure chests to reveal a coin win, free spins or the board game-type Beware the Wolf bonus.

8. Wish upon a Jackpot

This fun slot incorporates some of the best fairy-tales in one game. You’ll find Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man, Puss in Boots, and many more lovable characters from popular fairy tales. The Fairy Godmother Spin feature can be triggered randomly during any spin, awarding one of five fairy-tale themed features. 

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