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  • Hit it Big Instant scratch card Dream come true for Hit it Big winner from Brisbane who won $250,000 on a scratchie game

    In March 2019 a Morayfield couple had dream come true as they celebrated winning $250,000 after the intuitive woman dreamt they’d win a top prize on a $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket. The top prize winning $10 Hit It Big ticket was purchased at TSG Burpengary News, Shop 22 Burpengary Plaza, 177-183 Station Road, Burpengary. The happy […]

  • Best 4 Bitcoin Scratchie Casinos to Play in 2019

    Bitcoin is a digital currency that has become popular as a new deposit trend in casino industry where you can make a deposit and even withdraw with Bitcoins. Today most of the online scratchie sites now have Bitcoins on their list of banking options making it easier for Aussie and Kiwi players to enjoy scratch cards.  Here are […]

  • The Lott Scratchies What are the deposit options to play Instant Scratchies online in Australia?

    Instant Scratchies can be played online easily with your mobile or PC or Tablet. There are two ways to play scratchies online in Australia: At the Lott (official lottery website of Australia) At the Australian friendly online casinos in real AUD Both the Lott and the online casinos can be accessed in seconds with their […]

  • Best 4 Scratch Card Games for iPhone

    iPhone online scratchies are online casinos where you can play scratch cards and pokies games optimized for iPhone play. Nearly every all online casinos are offering games to play with your iPhone. Best Scratch Card Games for iPhone 1. Emu Casino Emu casino was introduced in 2012 and it became popular in a very short […]

  • Instant scratchies What is a Second Chance Draw in Instant Scratch-Its Australia?

    A second chance draw in Instant Scratch-Its Australia is offered by the Lott that gives you another chance to win the scratchie. This second chance draw takes place every month and to take part in this draw you have to join Instant Scratch-Its eClub all free. When you register for eClub you instantly become a […]

  • Winning-Instant-scratchie What are the new Instant Scratch Its games to become rich in 2019?

    Instant Scratch cards make you rich within seconds of time. You purchase the scratch cards and scratch it instantly and become a millionaire if you are lucky.  Mind you, with scratch card jackpots sometimes reaching over one million which can be certainly life changing. The Lott Australian Instant Scratch Its offers wonderful scratch cards which […]

  • 4 Best Android Casinos to Play Scratchies in 2019

    Android users are increasing every day especially in Australia and New Zealand! This has encouraged online casinos to optimize their games for Android to provide amazing pokies and scratch card variants for both real money and for free. Let’s find out top 5 Android Casinos to play Scratchies in 2019 which are not only user-friendly […]

  • $5 Monopoly Instant scratchies How to play and win the new $5 Monopoly Instant Scratchie in Australia?

    The Monopoly Instant Scratchie is the new scratch card game for Aussie punters to enjoy and win prizes worth AU million. This newest edition of Monopoly game costs AU$5 only giving you the chance to play for real money with two top prizes of $100,000. Monopoly Instant Scratch-Its game would appeal to those who loved […]

  • 4 Basic Difference Between Lotteries and Scratchies

    In Australia, there are basically two types of lotteries run by state government – lotteries where you select numbers and then wait if the same numbers are chosen in a drawing, and second is scratchies which are instant play tickets that offer you instant prizes. Still, there are a few differences between these two types […]

  • 5 wonderful online sites for Australians to play Instant Scratchies in 2019 5 wonderful online sites for Australians to play Instant Scratchies in 2019

    The most easy game to play at online sites or at lottery shops is Instant scratchies. As these games cost less, it’s quite popular among Australians. Playing online is a simple process and you can do so even with your mobile or smartphone without downloading anything. All you need is a good internet or WIFI […]

  • Top 4 Easiest Scratch Card Games to Win Big at Online Casinos

    Almost every scratch cards are easy to play and win. You do not have to have a specific skill or strategy to play these instant scratches. You just have to buy a scratch card game, know the winning combinations by scratching the hidden number/symbols or coin at a physical scratch card lotto game. Still, here […]

  • Fortune cookie scratch card Play Skratcherz- The bundle of scratch card games instantly at online casinos to win big bucks

    Skratcherz is wonderful scratch card game developed by Betsoft where you can enjoy and play not one but a bundle of four scratch card games instantly on your mobile or PC. The cards are to be scratched virtually allowing you the autonomy to win while on the go. Skratcherz therefore gets you  four different cards […]

  • Triple Money Match Six New Scratch Card games to play at Scratch2Cash online casino

    Scratch2cash is the best online scratchie site where any Aussie or Kiwi punter can play large variety of scratch cards, pokies games instantly without any download. When you start scratching at these games here  you’ll be able to enjoy wins with the amazing odds at Scratch2cash. Also you will get exclusive special offers and promotions […]

  • Lunar New Year Instant Scratchie Try your luck to win $1 Lunar New Year Scratchie to win real $888 AUD

    With 8 Top Prizes of AU$888 At Australia you can now try your luck to win $1 Lunar New Year Scratchie to win real $888 AUD. This instant scratchie game has been launched recently by The Lott Instant Scratch Its in Australia. As this year 2019 is the year of Pig in Chinese lunar calendar […]

  • Thrill Bill Scratch card The Thrill Bill New Scratch Card Game to Play at Emu Casino with Real AUD in 2019

    Thrill Bill is the new Scratchie to play at most of the Aussie and Kiwi friendly online casinos in 2019. Emu online casino offers this game to play in real AUD or BTC and you can win $25000 at cash prize at the stake of $1, and AU$50000 to win at $2, in this instant […]

  • Texas Hold'em Scratch card Four Instant Scratchies in New Zealand which can fetch you $20000 and over to win

    Instant Scratchies are most favourable games enjoyed by both Aussie and Kiwi punters. They are easy to play, not so costly and neither require any skill to play. In New Zealand the Instant Scratchies are offered by New Zealand Lottery Commission and are equivalent to Instant Kiwi games. You can win instant cash prizes at […]

  • The Lottery winner Who announces that you have won Instant Scratchies in Australia?-You Believe it or Not

    Have you recently bought a lottery ticket or an Instant Scratchie and are waiting for the results to be announced. Then you might receive a call from a happy and joyful man named Matt Hart. This man is doing the most wonderful job to announce winners by calling them on phone. Who is Matt Hart? […]

  • The Lott Australia- Play Instant Scratchies The best legit four lotteries that offer Instant Scratch Its Lotto in Australia

    Instant scratch Its Lotto is instant scratchie play game that can be played with just $1 per ticket. These lotto tickets can be bought at your nearest lottery retailers in Australia. The Lott is the Australian Official Lottery that organises and regulates Instant Lotto in various parts of Australia. Here are the best four lotteries […]

  • Australia's lucky place to play and win Instant Scratch Its lotto Which of the Australia’s suburbs are luckiest to play and win scratchie?

    It is estimated  by The Lott that $9.2 millions have been won by Australians in Instant Scratch-Its top prizes. You always love to hear the stories of winners and wish to know the lucky store from where they bought their instant scratchie tickets to play the game. The Lott’s jurisdictions include Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries, […]

  • Instant scratch cards Can a Bird Poo Help You Win a Scratchie? Find out who was the luckiest winner

    There are many kinds of superstitions associated with animals. Though animals have nothing to do with your life or riches as they neither want to win a lottery nor million dollars of cash as they are happy and contended with the nature and natural surroundings, but many cultures around the world have many folklores on […]

  • How to check Instant Scratch Its NSW Lotto Australia results at once and get the prize? How to check Instant Scratch Its NSW Lotto Australia results at once and get the prize?

    Instant Scratch Its is Lotto Australian official play instant scratchies games online. These instant scratchies cost from as low as AUD$1 and as high as AUS$20. The ticket cost is according to the theme and the game to play. Also the play instructions vary with each Instant Scratch-Its game. To find out how to play […]

  • What are the easiest scratch card games to win big at online casinos_ What are the easiest scratch card games to win big at online casinos?

    Almost all scratch cards are easy to win. There is no skill or any specific strategy to play these instant win scratchies. All you need is to buy a scratch card game, reveal its winning combinations by scratching the hidden symbols with your finger or coin at a physical scratch card lotto game or with […]

  • Karamba Casino to play instant Scratchies 7 Best Australian Online Casinos to Play Scratchies in 2018

    Scratchies or Scratch card games are wonderful instant win games to be played online. These games are available in the form of lotto scratch card games or as video games where you use your mouse or tap with your finger to scratch. If you roll back to history of this game then don’t be surprised […]

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