Which of the Australia’s suburbs are luckiest to play and win scratchie?

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Australia's lucky place to play and win Instant Scratch Its lotto

Australia's lucky place to play and win Instant Scratch Its lotto

It is estimated  by The Lott that $9.2 millions have been won by Australians in Instant Scratch-Its top prizes. You always love to hear the stories of winners and wish to know the lucky store from where they bought their instant scratchie tickets to play the game.

The Lott’s jurisdictions include Golden Casket, NSW Lotteries, Tatts and SA Lotteries.

There were four lottery outlets across that sold more than one top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket in 2016-17. They were Supanews Bracken Ridge (QLD), Liverpool Plaza Newsagency (NSW), Figtree Newsagency (NSW) and Glenorchy Central Newsagency (TAS) each sold two.

According to Instant Scratch-Its Elissa Lewis Australians had been winning Instant Scratch-Its top prizes at a rate of more than two a week. Researches have done their job and have found the luckiest regions and suburbs of Australia which have proven to give more winners. The areas that sold the most top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its tickets were broken down state by state, postcode and suburb and these are the places where you can find the lucky stores or lucky regions generating more winners of this instant play game.

  • Queenslanders got the highest top prize value with a total of $3.616 million won overall in 37 wins.
  • But New South Wales had the most Instant Scratch-Its top prize wins, with 45 totalling $2.502 million.
  • In Queensland, Brisbane Northern suburbs had five top prize wins totalling $770,000.

Queensland luckiest places to play and win lottery

In New South Wales and the ACT, Central & Northern Sydney had nine top prize wins totalling $513,000.

Lucky post codes of NSW to play and win Lottery

In Victoria, Melbourne Southeast had eight top prize wins totalling $1.295 million. In this pool, the top winning postcodes were: 3171, 3173, 3174, 3188, 3194, 3199 and 3806 for the suburbs of Springvale, Keysborough, Noble Park, Hampton, Mentone, Frankston and Berwick.

Melbourne luckies places to win Instant Scratch its

In South Australia, Northern Adelaide had suburbs with six top prize wins totalling $275,000. The other top winning suburbs are listed above.

In Tasmania, Glenorchy in Hobart scored two top prize wins totalling $20,000.

Tasmania luckiest store to play lotteries in Australia

Note that Instant Scratch-Its are different from other lottery games in that all prizes are predetermined at the time of printing. The tickets are games of chance, which means anyone anywhere could scratch a top prize instantly. You can start as low as $1 and as high as $20 to buy an Instant Scratchie in Australia. While The Lott has seen some regions sell multiple top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its, they’ve also seen some big individual top prizes of hundreds of thousands of dollars land outside of these postcodes.

There are many newsagencies as well that have been proven to be lucky for winners. Like the coast news agencies in  Beerwah, Caloundra and Pelican Waters.  Study also found out that lot of younger people buy the $1 ones, and the men go for the ‘live the life’ scratchies while women go for crosswords instant scratch its tickets to play and win.

All things said and done it is advised to always play responsibly and stick to your bankroll. Do not chase your wins or losses. Lotto of any kind is a game of chance that can be enjoyed occassionally and not habitually.

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