NeoGames was established in 2005 and specializes in online scratch cards and online instant win games. As a company, NeoGames has worked with Tier One operators as well as national lotteries to customize and integrate their exclusive software into many applications. It has currently more than 120 million scratch tickets sold through their network.

NeoGames offers its scratch game arsenal in several formats. Players can play scratch offs for free as well as real money. Neogames is a Swedish role-playing game publisher situated in Gothenburg. They were after the re-creation of Target Games the largest RPG publisher in the country. Neogames are known for developing the three first editions of the fantasy RPG license Eon, a role-playing game set in a fairly standard fantasy setting with elves, dwarves and magic.

NeoGames has emerged as one of the most creative and trustworthy software developers in the trade. The company is primarily focused on supplying it clients with 360° iLottery solutions, but it also offers up some very interesting pokies machine titles as well as bingo games and online scratch cards.

The company has also been one of the forerunners in the migration to mobile betting as well as continuing to lead the way in providing advanced platform management solutions via their NeoSphere Platform. As such, you would be hard pressed to find a more secure, fair, or interesting games provider in the business.

NeoSphere Platform

One of NeoGames’ most notable software achievements is evident in their NeoSphere platform which allows its clients to centrally manage player accounts as well as marketing systems. This software engine, is finely tuned to allow for scalable function, which basically means that it can host thousands of simultaneous players at any one time with the potential to support ever-growing increases in activity. This platform also gives clients the ability to process payments, evaluate fraud and risk, promote responsible gambling and perform both retention and acquisition marketing. What’s more, NeoGames utilises HTML5 technology so that its games are fully compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet.

Safe and Secure Software

Not only are the people at NeoGames admirable for their success in business and technological innovation, but they also are well known for their dedication to security and social responsibility. As such, the company offers secure payment and banking processes that are fully compliant with the highest security standards.

Also the company also practise a strict gaming policy which goes above and beyond the regulatory guidelines. That means that players will be able to self-manage their own gambling limits while operators will be able to arrange for in-game pop-ups to keep players mindful of responsible gambling.

Neo Games Scratch Cards

Neo Games Scratch Cards can be found at many top notch online casinos like Scratch2Cash where you can win real cash instantly on the long list of online instant win games, and take every game with them on their mobile devices with NeoGames’ innovative technology.  NeoGames software sites activate over 120,000,000 scratch and instant win games monthly, so you can rest assured that they are providing easy-to-access, and scratch game content entertainment to the world. Whether you want to play free games online or take a chance at winning cash online, you’ll find the games you are searching for on the NeoGames games list.

Among some of the most popular Scratch Card games from Neo Games you can enjoy brand new multi instant win game, ‘Fast Hands’, which is based on the famous offline game ‘Rock Paper Scissors’.  Another one is Castle Slots, that was also most popular among its latest released. 

The biggest jackpot of the NeoGames software is 1 million pound, people can win this jackpot with the games 3wow or Super3Wow.

In 2008 Neo Games has broken a world record by selling over a billion scratch cards to millions of satisfied customers all over the world and it continues to strive to break new records by constantly designing new games with better graphics and audio features and expending its business to business marketing operation.

Why gamers look for Neo Games Scratch Cards?

Being a pioneer in the online scratch cards market they offer a software platform that is used by many gaming sites. They have reached such a staggering success in such a short time by focusing only on scratch cards and instant win games and offering the best in-house developed scratch cards software that have seen them develop from a small company into the world’s market leader on scratch cards and instant win games.

Neo Games is licensed in the EU by the Lotteries & Gaming Association of Malta and adheres to the highest standards when it comes to fairness and quality. Its games are brilliantly designed and draw inspiration from a multitude of areas such as TV shows, popular sports, and classic scratch cards.

The company has a main ethos that concerns itself with the principles of fair play and excellent customer care. Their software is regularly tested to ensure their random numbers generator works perfectly and they have established players support mechanisms that are unrivaled in the scratch cards industry.

Neo Games operates in over 12 languages and has offices in several locations around the world. Their motto of “act local, be global” is truly reflected in their day to day operation and evident by their staggering array of products.

One of the strengths of the NeoGames software is that their online support is truly excellent. They have a 24/7 support service, you can contact them with questions about promotions, games etc. You can also request support by phone, chat or email. Their software system is developed to be very fast and stable, also the graphics of the various online scratch cards and games are very good.

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