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Buy and play online scratch cards at Australian and New Zealand sites or at online casinos. Do you know the physical scratch cards can pay only at a rate of around 90%? It can win only $90 for every $100 you spend on scratch cards. But unfortunately, most people have the illusion of winning big as scratch cards feature to be great odds at winning, as one in every three cards win. This is a myth. It might be true sometimes but the payout is minuscule.

Scratch cards can be played either at online casinos or at official Australian and New Zealand lottos.

While online scratch cards are also played on the same rules but they have higher odds at winning enabling you to win more often.

Buy and play online scratch cards Benefits

Online scratch cards are more popular and deliver multiple benefits to their real-time counterparts and other casino games apart from offering higher payout percentages. Buy and play online scratch cards whenever you want and need not to visit the brick and mortar stores that sell scratch cards.

You can adjust the stakes with online scratch cards instant win games and play whatever theme you select for different stakes levels. It varies from physical scratchies where once it is printed it remains at the same stakes.

The major benefit of buying online scratch cards is the instantaneous monetary transactions that are done from bank account to the casino account and back. In addition, the technical team is ready to help you if you get stuck up in getting your money. This facility is rare in real time where if you win after scratching off a ticket you cannot redeem that money anywhere other than at the defined store where you got the card from and if that store is far off your home or not nearby.

Are buying and playing online scratch cards worth it?

Diamonds Scratch
Diamonds Scratch

Yes online scratch cards are worth to play. You enjoy and have fun as well get to play free if you want to first have real gaming experience. Following is the worth of playing online:

  1. Instant Gratification: Online scratch cards offer immediate results. You can quickly scratch the virtual panels and find out if you’ve won or not. If you enjoy the instant thrill of revealing potential prizes, scratch cards can be appealing.
  2. Easy Gameplay: Scratch cards are known for their simplicity. You don’t need any complex strategies or extensive rules to play. It’s a straightforward process of revealing symbols and matching them to determine your outcome.
  3. Variety of Themes: Online scratch cards come in various themes and designs, catering to different interests. Whether you prefer sports, fantasy, or classic casino themes, you can find scratch cards that align with your preferences.
  4. Range of Bets: Scratch cards often offer a range of betting options, allowing you to choose the amount you want to wager per card. This flexibility makes them suitable for players with different budgets.
  5. Lower House Edge: In general, scratch cards tend to have a higher house edge compared to other casino games. This means that the odds of winning may be relatively lower. However, it’s essential to note that specific scratch card games can have different payout rates and odds, so it’s worth checking the game’s information before playing.
  6. Entertainment Value: If you enjoy the anticipation and excitement of revealing symbols and potentially winning prizes, scratch cards can provide a fun and entertaining experience.

Ultimately, whether online scratch cards are good to play depends on your personal preferences and expectations. If you enjoy quick gameplay, instant results, and the thrill of scratching off panels to reveal prizes, then online scratch cards may be a suitable choice for you. However, if you prefer more strategic or skill-based games, you may find other casino games more appealing.

Where to Buy and Play Online Scratch Cards in Australia and New Zealand?

1. The Lott

Instant scratch its second chance draw
The Lott offers Instant Scratch Its Second Chance Draw as well

In Australia, you can buy and play online scratch cards at the official lottery website The Lott.

Here are the scratchies are called Instant Scratch Its. You need to create your account online at the official lottery site The Lott and then fund the casino with PayPal, credit cards or any other banking mode mentioned at their banking page to buy the scratch cards to play online. These instant scratch its come in different themes. They can be bought for few cents to $20 or more.

The odds of winning a prize on Instant Scratch-Its are generally 1 in 4, however, this doesn’t mean that if four tickets are purchased one has to be a winner. These are overall odds based on the total number of tickets available for sale in a game, not on an individual purchase.  All prize amounts (including the top prize) are only available until won. This may occur prior to all tickets in a game being sold.

There are several ways to collect your Instant Scratch-Its prize. If you have played Instant Scratch Its online then you will get your wins back online on your online account.

2. My Lotto NZ

In New Zealand you can buy and play online scratch cards at the official lottery website My Lotto NZ.

buy and play online scratch cards
My Lotto NZ is official New Zealand website for Instant Scratchies

New Zealand calls scratchies at their My Lotto official lottery site as Instant Kiwi. These scratch card games also come in different themes and cost as low as few cents to $10 or more.

At My Lotto NZ you have to create your account to buy scratch cards online. You need to make a deposit and add funds to their site so that you can buy or purchase scratch card tickets online.

This means you can play Instant Kiwi Online games if you are a fully registered MyLotto player and confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. To do this, you will need to complete a one-time age confirmation on MyLotto or the Lotto NZ App.

Some games offer a quick thrill and some offer a longer play experience, but all Instant Kiwi games offer you the chance to win in an instant! Both Instant Kiwi tickets purchased in-store and online are games of chance. The outcome of a ticket is determined at the time of purchase and is not affected by the skill or judgement of the player. All prizes for Instant Kiwi Online games are always available at the time of purchase, no matter how many times they’ve been won – so you’re always in with a chance of winning the big one!

If you are unable to complete an Instant Kiwi Online ticket, for any reason, the ticket will be automatically completed on your behalf. This can take up to 45 minutes from the purchase time. You can view the outcome of any auto-completed ticket under ‘Tickets > Completed Tickets > Instant Kiwi Online’.

If you win your wins are added automatically to your online account.

Buy and play online scratch cards at Online Casinos

There are several best places to buy and play online scratch cards that include our top-rated online casinos. You can simple visit the following online casinos with your mobile or PC and register yourself as a player. Deposit $10 or more in real AUD or NZD, Grab the bonus offer, Visit the games lobby, search for scratch card games and click on the scratchie you wish to play.

1. Ripper Casino

Ripper Casino
Ripper Casino

Buy and play online scratch cards with wonderful themes in real AUD or NZD. Grab $10 free no deposit bonus as well as $7200 welcome match deposit as welcome bonus. With over 30 sractchies, there are additions to more every month.

Click here to play now.

2. Ozwin Casino

Ozwin Casino Scratchies
Ozwin Casino

You can play instant scratchies at Ozwin casino. Ozwin casino is rich in other casino games as well including pokies, table games, lotto games, and more. Grab no deposit bonus of $10 free scratchies or 100%, this casino allows AUD NZD and BTC as deposits to play.

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3. Fair Go Casino

Fair Go Casino - Play Instant Scratchie
Fair Go Casino

Emu Casino is another Kiwi and Aussie friendly online casino to enjoy instant scratchies. With $300 triple match deposit bonus and no deposit bonus of free spins, this casino offers over 40 scratch card games to play in real time.

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These sites are highly graded for offering numerous different scratch card themes Big Break, Halloweenies etc. All card games are driven by random number generator mechanism and powered by software providers like Net Entertainment and Microgaming. You can browse through our other top rated online casinos which offer fantastic scratchies to play online.

Online Scratchie Bonuses

Play instant scratch cards
Play instant scratch cards with free bonus

On buying online scratchies, the casinos will offer you some interesting and enticing rewards also in the form of bonuses for playing at their casino. These bonuses could be deposit matches where the casino matches some part of your initial deposit.

The second type of bonus could be a free bonus for registering with the casino. Although this type of bonus is often smaller, it is typically free and immediately available, for instance receiving five free scratch cards in a few cases.

Yet another type of bonus that you might receive one buying scratch cards online is the chance to join a VIP club with that casino. This membership often offers you easy access to the newest scratchies along with updating you of any promotional offers as and when they become available.

Remember there is 24/7 help support at online casinos in case you get stuck with your gaming or banking transactions at the casinos to play instant scratchies.

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