How to Play Thrill Bill Scratch Card Game Online?

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Thrill Bill Scratch card
Thrill Bill Instant scratch

Thrill Bill scratch card is the popular Scratchie to play at most of the Aussie and Kiwi friendly online casinos .

You can play scratchies at online casinos in real AUD, NZD or BTC and you can win $25000 at cash prize at the stake of $1, and $50000 to win at $2, in this instant scratch card game. All you need to do is to visit online casino with your mobile or PC or Tablet and register as new player and as an existing player simply log in. Once at the online casino home page make a deposit of $10 in real dollars or BTC with friendly deposit options and grab welcome bonuses at online casinos. Also visit the other games under the games section and click on Scratch cards list. From there find or choose the game you wish to play and click to begin the show.

Thrill Bill Scratch Card

Thrill Bill scratchie is developed by Oryx Gaming and the user interface is easy to use. The screen’s central feature is the Thrill Bill scratchcard with 9 prize areas and 1 prize multiplier area. Above the scratchcard is the info line. Below the scratchcard are the game buttons with BET and WIN fields in the middle. In the top left corner is the Lobby bar. On the very bottom of the screen is the Menu Bar. Its leftmost field is the bet amount field with which you can select your bet. Menu bar also displays your current balance and the general casino control buttons such as Cashier, Menu and Close buttons.

Thrill Bill Game Play

Thrill Bill Scratch card

The Game Theme

Scratchies have awesome game themes and this scratch card will take you to the glamorous cityscape with skyscrapers and office blocks in the background along with a glistening river and yachts. You will find the moonlit night sky peaks out above and the rest of the screen is in shadow with just the scratch card visible at the centre of the screen.

Players will find all the scratch spaces displayed in a neat grid of 3×3 on a dollar bill. The symbols are all covered with a silver wreath and you will see an icon of a gold coin that you can use to scratch the panels to reveal the rewards. Simply find 3 matching cash amounts to receive a payout from the right combinations in the game.

How to play Thrill Bill scratch card game online?

Ripper Casino
Ripper Casino
  • Join any online casino to play scratchies.
  • When you choose to play Thrill Bill scratch card find the section in the games lobby that offers sratchies to play.
  • Select the game Thrill Bill.
  • Play for free or with real money
  • To play with real money make a friendly deposit.
  • When playing for free you needn’t deposit any cash but simply play with free credits given by default in the game.
  • When you tap or click on Thrill Bill instant scratch card the game loads at once.
  • With HTML format of this video game, you will have nothing to download except to play instantly on your gaming screen be it mobile or PC or tablet.

This mystery/suspense scratch card game entails befitting graphics, suspense filled sound effects and flawless game play. The stage is set in this 3×3 grid online scratch card which is accessible directly through your web browser in a no download instant pay format at online casinos.

On the main screen there are 9 panels on a green bank note arranged in a 3×3 grid.

At the start of the game Thrill Bill scratch, can choose your stake from the bottom of the screen by clicking on the arrows. The betting range of rather small letting you bet from a minimum of 1.00 per game to a max bet of 5.00 per game.

This means once the game loads you need to choose a suitable betting amount that lays between $ 1.00 and $ 5.00 and purchase a new card. The game is played by scratching the grids with a gold coin and revealing the mystery amounts behind each virtual foil. You also have a ‘Scratch All’ button with which they can reveal all the hidden amounts at once.

The interface is simple at this scratch game as there are no other decisions to make with the only other options a menu button which lets you look at the history of the game, and an info button for the rules.

The bank note has Miss Scratch written on it and a silhouette of a woman holding a gun along with a cityscape image. To play, simply pick your bet then press ‘buy card’. All the panels are covered in a silver colour with a wreath motif. You can then scratch off each individual panel with the gold coin or click ‘reveal all’ to scratch them all at once for faster gameplay. Each panel reveals a cash amount while a multiplier panel can also boost your potential payout.

Thrill Bill scratchie game to play in real AUD

The prime objective is to obtain at least three matching numbers after scratching the grids to receive an instant credit win. The game immediately identifies any wins and the pays are instantly added to your account. The game also includes a bonus multiplier which is random and is multiplied with the matched amount to give you your final win amount.

What you win in this game?

The top payout in Thrill Bill Scratch is 25,000 coins, while other high-paying amounts are 10,000 coins, 2500 coins and 500 coins. There are also many smaller amounts such as 1.00 and 2.00, 5.00 and 10.00 waiting to be won on each card. In addition to the cash amounts you will also see another panel at the bottom of the bank note. This is the multiplier award which can increase your winnings by the amount stated, which is normally by 1x or 2x the payout.

The top jackpot prize of 25,000 coins is an excellent reward for lucky players and this is much higher than the top award in many scratch games out there.

How to win the scratch card game?

You need to find 3 matching amounts to receive this payout and the lower the amount, the more likely you are to win it. This is because the scratch cards only have a certain number of potential combinations for each amount and there are more winners at the lower payouts. The info page reveals there is only 1 card with the 25,000 coins jackpot prize, while there are 250,000 cards with the 1.00 prize. This info is based on the payouts from 1 million games.

Instant Scratchies at Online Casinos

Casino OZwin Pokies to play
Casino OZwin Pokies to play

At online casinos the Scratchies operate in the same way as normal scratch cards that are sold by your state or territory operator at your local newsagent.

Players must first buy their cards; then scratch the playing area to reveal a prize underneath.

If you match three symbols then you win! Depending on the symbols you reveal will depend on the prize you win.

There are over 40 scratch cards to play at many online casinos and the good thing is that you can first play and practice for free and understand the game before you wish to play for real money with real money.

The different types range from the classic where you have to reveal three matching symbols, like the game Game Set and Match. More adventurous Scratch Cards include games like Bunny Boiler and Six Shooter Looter where you are faced with an increased level of interactivity through finding bonuses and completing various fun tasks. Irrespective of the game you choose, all Scratchies at online casinos offer great graphics, which will enhance your gaming experience.

The best scratch card to play online that will give you big wins

1. Witch Pickings

Witch Pickings scratch card
Witch Pickings scratch card

In this awesome scratchie, Witch Pickings will be won when you line-up 3 matching symbols anywhere in the 9 positions. Moreover it’s possible to have more than one winning combination on any scratch. The type of prizes you can look forward to include 1x your bet for revealing Magic Potion Bottles, and you’ll be bubbling with excitement if you can reveal Cauldrons worth 2x your bet.

Those castles also get in the act with fairytale wins of up to 5x your bet, and the lovely Blue Witch won’t leave you feeling blue with 10x your bet. The Green Witch will give you wins of up to 50x your bet. Meanwhile, the Red Witch will bring you with wins of up to 100x your bet, and when you reveal 3 Crystal Balls they are worth up to an amazing 5,000x your bet.

2. Medusa

Medusa Scratch
Medusa Scratch Card

In Medusa Scratch card as you scratch panels and if you match 3 symbols you win a multiplier. Depending on the matching symbol you can win x1000 times your bet. The highest wagering amount in the game is $4. Hit three medusa symbols and win up 5 free games. The free game feature auto plays to hopefully reveal great cash prizes.

3. Oil Mania

Oil Mania Scratch
Oil Mania Scratch Card

In Oil Mania scratch card there are four individual games for a min bet of 1 cent.  Earn a maximum of 1000 times your original bet with 3 oil tycoon symbols.

4. Gorilla Go Wild

Gorilla Go Wild
Gorilla Go Wild Scratch Card

You will find a 3×3 grid structure in this game with 9 squares available on the game. You need to scratch the panel and get three matching symbols to earn a win. You can also have multiple wins while playing the game as well. 

5. Mad Mad Monkey

Mad Mad Money Scratch
Mad Mad Money Scratch

Mad Mad Monkey Scratch is a 3×3 scratch and win game. Match 3 symbols to win a prize. Reveal 3 mad mad monkey symbols to trigger the Free Games bonus feature. In this scratch card game you can win up to $250,000.

6. Irish Eyes 2

Irish Eyes 2
Irish Eyes 2 Scratch

Irish eyes scratch card game is available as a scratcher. All you need is to scratch away the famous green Irish eyes. If you match 3 symbols you can win a bet multiplier up to x1000. If you manage to scratch three pot of gold symbols you will win additional free games. Five free games will be awarded and the total amount won at the end of the five games are totaled together to reveal a potentially large amount of wins.

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