Which Scratch Cards Have The Highest Return To Player?

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Which Scratch Cards have the Highest Return to Player?

Highest return to player is what player looks for in scratchie game.  Also known as RTP or return to player, this is expressed in percentage in the game.  It reflect the percentage of wagered money that will be won back by players. This value is an average that will play out over time.

The figure and percentage rate is how much money a player can theoretically expect a scratch card or any casino game to payout out. For example; a card with a stated RTP of 96% will return to a player $0.96p for every $1.00 wagered.

You must not assume when playing a casino game that you will achieve the stated RTP percentage. You could wager $100 and lose it all!

Note that the RTP is theoretically. The percentage rate is calculated over a long period. In some cases, a casino will give the RTP rate over 1 million plays of a game. As it’s unlikely a single player will play one million times! So each individual player will experience different RTP rates from other players.

Another factor to consider when thinking about RTP ratios are those big jackpot games. If a scratch card has a massive top prize, the jackpot could be seeded by the loses of 1000s of individual players. When one lucky player scoops the jackpot, the games overall RTP is unchanged. However, 1000s of the players might have experienced a higher loss rate than advertised. However, the total RTP is still 96% as a jackpot was won (returned to player) but the returns accumulated to just one jackpot winner.

Also the RTP is still the only way you can assess a games ‘fairness’ or probability. You should be looking for games with a higher RTP. For example a scratch card with a 98% RTP is better than a game with 80% RTP. Experts advise against playing cards with an RTP below 85%. Always check a games rate before you play for real money. Remember, the RTP is a theoretical rate and not a guarantee of the returns you can expect playing a game.

Which scratch cards have the highest return to player?

Following are the scratch cards that have the highest return to player. You can play these instant scratchies at your best online casinos with real money.

Lucky Numbers – 96.57 %

Lucky Numbers scratchie

Lucky Numbers is also highest payout scratchie with RTP of 96.57%. Powered by Microgaming, this card game offers two chances to win for each card you play.  The game is pretty standard. To play, virtually scratch away the panels and if you find three matching icons, you win. Look out for multiplier symbols that will increase your winnings. Multipliers range from x1 to x 5, while winnings begin at $3 and max out at $200,000. Given the high RTP, there’s not much to lose by trying to get the jackpot.

This game revolves around all things lucky and takes this theme very seriously. Even the horseshoe scratch panels are the correct way up (we don’t want that luck falling out!). Make the most of this luck, and the extremely high RTP by scratchcard industry standards, by trying out Lucky Numbers today.

Whack a Jackpot – 96.30 %

Which Scratch Cards have the Highest Return to Player?- Whack a  Jakcpot scratchie

Whack a Jackpot comes with 96.30% RTP. Powered by popular scratch card software provider ‘Microgaming’, Whack a Jackpot puts a creative spin on your standard scratch card game. With a minimum bet of $0.50 and a max bet of $10, the game is accessible for all players.

It also offers great value with a maximum possible win of $50,000. To play, you will need to whack the rats as they appear on the screen. When you hit a rat, a multiplier value will be shown on your screen. If you manage to get three multipliers with the same value, you win! Make sure you practice your hitting skills and reaction times as three missing strikes will end your game with no win.

Merlin’s Millions – 95.17%

Merlin’s Millions

Merlin’s Millions comes with an RTP of 95.17%, Merlin’s Millions scratch cards provides bettors with the chance to win an additional bonus prize on each card they play. The game jackpot stands at a whopping $250,000 which is a serious draw for those looking to strike it super lucky.

Merlin’s Millions is perfect for all kinds of players. With this scratch game, players can opt to bet as little as 20c with a maximum betting amount of 200.

This online scratch cards offers a strong medieval theme that revolves around King Arthur and his trusty sidekick, Merlin the Wizard. The game is easy and fun to play, with an appealing aesthetic design. Simply scratch nine panels and if three symbols match, you win!

Pig Wizard – 95.82%

Pig Wizard

The Pig Wizard comes with an RTP of 95.82% . With an amusing theme, Pig Wizard has Magic which is the consistent thread throughout the game and players will experience spells, curses and pigs in robes. The most valuable icon is the Pig Wizard, an endearing character in star-covered robes, yes a pig can wear robes if he wants! If your scratch card reveals three images of the pig, you’re in luck! This will result in your win being 100 times your original wager.

This game is structured with a V-E-G-A-S progressive jackpot. Scratch to reveal three pigs and not only will you receive the initial jackpot of 100 times your original bet, but you will unlock an additional game. For this round, you will throw the virtual dice and make your way around a game board. As you do this, you will have the opportunity to trigger more multipliers or win extra prizes.

Wish Upon a Jackpot – 96.06%

Wish Upon a Jackpot

At this Wish upon a Jackpot scratchie with RTP of 96% you enter a world that is reminiscent of Shrek, complete with Puss in Boots, a Fairy Godmother and talking gingerbread man.

To play, simply look through the magic orbs (scratch panels). If you discover three matching icons that are them, you win! This win will be accompanied by two bonus games so that you can experience the magic for a little longer (and increase your chances of a bigger win).

Play off Palace

Play Off Palace scratch card

Play off Palace comes with an RTP of 94.58%. The ‘Play Off Palace’ game gives the player a choice of 6 different scratch cards. Each with its own jackpot and purchase cost. The lowest cost card is called ‘Give a Dog a Bonus’, this comes with a price tag of 20p per play. The jackpot for this entry-level card is $200, so you won’t be buying a palace with that! However, the highest priced card ($5) ‘Play Off Palace Supermatch’ does offer you a chance to live like a king with a $30,000 top prize.

The first card ‘Give a Dog a Bonus’ is a basic 5-panel scratch-off game which requires the player to match 3 amounts to win. The second card ‘Bruce’s Treasure’ is a 2-panel card. In the first panel, the player must match 3 symbols to win, you also have a bonus game which could award a cash bonus. The most interesting card is ‘Play Off Palace Supermatch’ this card contains 3 games in 1. You must scratch the first panel to reveal numbered balls, match 3 to win the cash amount. The second panel asks you to reveal a ‘winning’ symbol. If you can match your symbol to one in the lower box, you win. Panel 3 is a simple match 3 amounts to claim that cash.

Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze scratchie

Crystal Maze comes with an RTP of 94.58% The card is based on the popular TV show which first aired in 1990! The show was originally hosted by energetic presenter Richard O’Brien. The presenter would guide players around a maze which featured different zones. A team would compete to retrieve crystals by solving puzzles. Crystals gave the team members longer time in the games final area – the Dome. If a team collected a 100 gold tokens in the Dome they would ‘Crack The Maze’ and win the game.

This scratchie gives you the chance to win jackpots worth up to $30,000. This scratch card has 6 separate zones to play. The first zone, known as ‘Contestant Challenge’ has a $200 jackpot. The second zone is ‘Aztec Mask’, this card costs $0.40p and offers a top prize of $16. The third card is ‘Windustrial Zone’ it costs $0.50p and has a top prize worth $50. The fourth card up is ‘Medieval Match’, it costs a $1 and you could win an $800 jackpot. ‘Futuristic Treasures’ is the fifth game card and comes with a top prize of $1,600. The final card is ‘Crystal Coins’ which carries a $5 price tag and offers a $30,000 jackpot.

You can find these scratch cards that have the highest return to player at online casinos. You can easily play them even with your mobile and win prizes.

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