Real Money Scratchies

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Nobody wants to feel the emotional stigma of losing massive amounts of money when playing scratchies, so it’s always suggested to venture into the world of scratchies with solid information and a solid strategy.

Things to Know About Real Money Scratchies

Odds of Winning

To formulate a solid plan for playing scratchies for real money, you must know the odds of winning. The odds in scratchies are usually 1 in 3 on down to 1 in 5, but a win in this way is not necessarily the largest amount. By law in Australia, no gambling type can offer a payout rate less than 87%, so if you wager $100 for a long time, your potential return would be $87 on every $100 wagered, on average.

Payout Rates

Generally, the payout rates for physical scratch cards are around 90%. The average payout rate for real money online scratchies is around 96.2%. Another savings that you can get in online scratch cards over their physical counterparts is savings from fees that physical establishments can charge for providing payouts for the scratch card manufacturers. In online games, there is no middle man.

Winning is a Matter of Luck

The more expensive the scratch cards or online scratchies, the higher the prize money is. You cannot implement any strategy to use statistical analysis to get you on the road to millions. So the most crucial thing to you need to know about real money scratchies is winning money is just a matter of luck, and the odds are set for you to lose money most of the time.

Manage Money in Real Money Scratchies

The most important part to know in this game is to understand that losing money is probable. Do not play scratchies with more money than you can afford to lose. Prepare a budget before time.

Play either online scratchies or limit your play with physical scratch cards.

When playing online scratchies you can get the benefit and the matching bonuses that many websites offer for real money buy-ins. Take advantage of these bonuses.  If a portal offers a 100% matching bonus, for instance, it means when you buy in for $25.00, it will match that $25.00, with the welcome bonus as well and you can potentially start to play with AU$55.00, while only having spent $25.

Define your Level to Stop

You must also decide in advance what is an acceptable win level and you should stop playing if you reached that level. The best way to hit real money is to quit while you are leading. Do not ever try to recover or chase your losses.

Benefit from VIP Programs

You can also take advantage of VIP programs and other bonuses that most websites have to offer. Loyalty programs reward a certain amount of wagering and certain perks that other players will not get, like access to the newest series of scratchies.

Select a Time to Play

Select a time frame you wish to play for and follow this time scheduled religiously. Always try to play for the highest wagers. Initially, it may take some experimentation to get an idea of how much you can wager. Start slowly and keep logs, and soon you will find the best spot that meets both your time and monetary budgets.

Try out the free scratchies first before moving to the real money scratchies. Once you are comfortable, buy-in and take your bonuses.

Read Terms and Conditions

Never forget to read out the terms and conditions of the website to play scratchies. Understand how the payout works, what the wagering requirements are and how to claim the bonuses. Get a good understanding of how the website provides their payouts, what is the turnaround, what jurisdiction the casino falls under, the software they use, and how reliable they are.


The objective is, be safe. Never play when you are in a bad mood or depressed. Following these tips can help to ensure that your experience playing scratchies for real money is full of fun, and perhaps even lucrative.

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