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Instant Mobile Scratchies Playing Scratchies on Mobile Devices

Scratchies offer great fun for hours and often a chance to win cash. While buying the physical scratch cards you get a unique tactile experience which you cannot gain with online scratchies, although there are also some downsides with buying physical cards.

Some people often do not redeem their small prizes ever after winning as getting back to a place to redeem them could be troublesome due to distance or other limitations.

The biggest benefit of online scratchies is that they are spontaneous and instant. You can play and get paid faster. It also offers the chance to play from home rather than getting there where the scratchies are. However, the limitations with online scratchies are that with laptop and computers, online scratchies are usually limited only to places with Wi-Fi or broadband connection or the internet.

This is where mobile scratchies can be played. Simply put, mobile scratchies use specific software to make scratchies accessible to your mobile phone. This not only helps them get available at Wi-Fi spots but as mobile phone infrastructure covers a much wider area in terms of broadband connectivity with 4G networks and new technology that make mobile surfing faster every year, mobile scratchies offer immediate results which is a step ahead than other forms of online scratch card play.

Below mentioned are different platforms for mobile scratchies and what it all covers.

Playing Scratchies on Mobile Devices

The conventional mobile phones just are not equipped with the right memory or capability for running the applications required to bring online scratchies to your phone. Access to the high security and highly encrypted websites that offer internet scratchies and keep track of account information on these websites require more memory capacity, which is not available with most mobile phones. This is the reason using a smartphone as a mini computer is often the best way to enjoy mobile scratchies instead of using conventional mobile phones. Of course, smartphones come with different types of platforms.


The Android OS system is one of the most popular ones which has grown exponentially over the past several years since its release in early 2008. Owned by the Google, this OS has become well-known as Google has made Android an open source operating system. Given the simplicity of working with an open-sourced operating system, most websites offering online scratchies use software compatible with the Android.

Apple iPhone

iPhone is yet the most popular smart phone in the world due to its smooth functioning touch screen. This enables the software apps for the iPhone to imitate some of the more unique aspects of physical scratchies. Other benefits of Internet scratchies in iPhone is advanced sounds and animations, and instantaneous payouts, as well as mobile phones’ ability to go online in more diverse areas offering you the perfect mix of an authentic mobile scratch card experience.

Apple iPad

The constant upgrade in terms of system memory that the iPad offers over the iPhone allows even more high-resolution graphics and sound effects. Several online casinos offer scratchies compatible with the iPad. Many mobile scratchies are available as browser-based games that does not require any download.

Scratch Cards for Tabs

Apple iPads are a form of computer tablet which is meant to bridge the gap between mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. It uses touchscreens so that it can offer larger screens space without the encumbrance of a keyboard making it far more portable than laptop computers. Tablets are based on many operating systems including Android and Windows operating systems. This makes finding compatible scratchies online easier. In addition, most tablets use some type of java and flash, which allows them to use browser based games as well.

Best Scratchies Apps


You can find a variety of options to select from when looking for apps that bring mobile scratchies to your smartphone.

You can get several easy to download and install applications that allow you to play free scratchies as often as you like from the app stores for various operating systems. These apps generally do not connect you to any website, hence the scratch card game is standalone on your phone or tablet. Such types of scratchies allow you to play without the internet or Wi-Fi. The downside is you can only use this app only for playing real money games.

Play Mobile Scratchies for Real Money

You can play mobile scratchies through your smartphone or tablet for significant prizes. Manage your money wisely and never bet for more than you can afford. Most of the times online scratchies gives you small prizes frequently like AU$50.

In addition, several online casinos offer matching bonuses on your first and, in some cases, future buy-ins. Ensure you have a good insight on how the website pays you back. In this way, you can have modest gains also while having fun playing the scratchies on your mobile device.

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