4 Basic Difference Between Lotteries and Scratchies

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In Australia, there are basically two types of lotteries run by state government – lotteries where you select numbers and then wait if the same numbers are chosen in a drawing, and second is scratchies which are instant play tickets that offer you instant prizes.

Still, there are a few differences between these two types of lotteries. The major differences are as under:

  1. Frequency in Play

The most prominent and apparent difference between these two games is the frequency that you play them. Most of the state and national lottery games are open to play once a week, although smaller lotteries may be played on a regular basis.

So long scratchies are concerned, you can purchase one and know if you’ve won a prize in few minutes. The instant results of Scratchies cannot be matched with the lotteries.

  1. Size of Prizes

In the size of the prizes also there is no match between these two types of lotteries. Lotteries can offer massive prizes which are not possible to win on a scratch card.

It is not that you cannot win a life-changing money on a scratchie. But the frequency is very low compared to lotteries.

  1. Variable and Fixed Payouts

With scratchie, the odds are quite fixed. Although the odds on scratch cards may vary if most of the jackpot tickets are out of circulation, in the majority of cases, you’ll play with the same odds, and would win the same prizes every time you play any specific scratch card.

But lotteries have odds and payouts that keep changing based on some factors. Particularly, when a jackpot is not hit and the jackpot carries over to the next drawing, which can result in a massive rise in the jackpot in tune of $100 million or more on games like Powerball.

  1. Strategic Variation

There is a great difference in the opportunities they offer for players to deploy strategies while playing. Although both games are entirely based on luck, you still have some chance to improve your odds slightly.

Chance of using strategy in scratchies are restricted, which includes knowing your games well, checking the printed odds, and understanding when games are no longer worth playing.

But this is not the case in lotteries. You cannot win at the lottery using a betting system. Still, there are some ways in which you can try to tweak the odds slightly towards yourself.

When it comes to big jackpot games, do not pick common lucky numbers instead choose at least some numbers that will make your number combination unique. Every number combination could be a chance to win, but you should select numbers that no other would have selected so that you won’t have to share the jackpot money if you happen to be lucky enough to win. In lotteries, the higher numbers are more likely to be chosen than lower ones.


Hope above difference between scratchies and lotteries would have made it clear which one to play and how to win. Next time when you play either of the games do not forget to consider the difference, it will help you play better.

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