Outstanding Instant Win Games From Neo Games

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Outstanding instant win games from
Outstanding instant win games from

Neogames develops instant win games. Neo games are found at online casinos to play in real time or play for free. Neo games is a global leader of iLottery solutions and services to national and state-regulated lotteries. Their  mission is to be the long-term partner of choice for lotteries worldwide on their journey in the online interactive era.  

Neogames empowers its customers to create the most successful iLottery programs for their players with a complete solution that includes industry-leading omnichannel platforms, an innovative portfolio of the best performing interactive games, and a full suite of business and technology services.  

In 15 years of industry experience, research, and innovation, Neogames has mastered the art of digital transformation and helped many customers to make the online transition smooth and generate outperforming growth. Their top-class technology, unmatched set of services, and partnership built on trust and commitment to excellence can withstand any market obstacle.

Instant Win Games From Neo Games

Here are the outstanding Instant Win Games from Neo Games to play at online casinos.

1. Northern Wilds

Northern wild- scratchie

Northern Wilds is an eInstant game with a natural – yet playfully smart – wilderness theme. With the popular Treetop Treasures game as inspiration, players can find many ways to win, with prizes worth potentially 1000s of times the initial bet.

Uncovering animals, the rarer the better, delivers prizes, while special food symbols will trigger Extra Reveals. No wilderness adventure would be complete without a compass, and here it will spin a wheel allowing for even greater prizes.

Northern Wilds offers excitement and outdoor graphics for a sense of wonder in the great outdoors, and with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay, it’s a must for instant game players who treasure wild animal adventures.

2. Cash Avenue

Cash Avenue- scratchie

Cash Avenue is a fresh look at Neogames’ instant games! With a jade-colored cityscape board game theme (our first!), the game has an engaging look coupled with simple-but-exciting gameplay. Players, who win by matching numbers, will find a huge variety of surprises.

Cash Avenue is ripe with special features and prize-inducing extras such as Hardhats that unlock the Highrise bonus game, Briefcases that uncover the Cash Case minigame, and a special feature train whose cars are brimming with goodies. What’s more: second chance features abound, enticing and feeling all the more like a real board game.

With its rich and freshly flavored backdrop and full assortment of winning prizes, Cash Avenue will please Instant Game players and those who enjoy games with a lively, familiar feel.

3. Color Pop

Color pop- scratchie

Color Pop is a dazzling eInstant game that builds on the successful Match 3 mechanic, adding a bold pop of color and a spectacular bunch of win features.

With 9 symbols per ticket, players need to match just three for a win, with bigger and better prizes up the path. With magic around every corner, revealing 3 Potion symbols opens up the Magic Path bonus for a prize, guaranteed.

This exciting gameplay – wins unlocking potentially more chances to win – has proven to be a winner, and in Color Pop it is all about matching winning color combinations, a fun and charming way to aim for big, bold wins.

4. VIP Ultra

VIP Ultra scratchie

VIP Ultra, the fourth exciting chapter in the popular VIP game family, offers simple action based on matching tickets to 7 winning numbers.

Featuring a sparkly feel with Ruby Reveals and an Extra Reveals Bonus, VIP Ultra will appeal to players who enjoy a look of elegant simplicity as well as fans of the other VIP games. Watch the generous, prize-dispensing Ruby Reveal serve up 3 rubies as well as Coin symbols for golden winnings across columns, rows, or both. VIP Ultra: Where luxury and simplicity work together to create an impressive winning combination.

5. Queen of Diamonds

Queen of diamonds- Scratchie

Queen of Diamonds is a popular eInstant online game with a playing card theme, and a key figure in the much-loved Royal Family.

With up to 18 tickets, players aim to uncover cards that deliver cash rewards and open bonus games, with bonuses offering greater rewards. The Queen of Diamonds herself grants the prize shown while the Joker uncorks the eponymous Joker Bonus, a fan favorite.

The War Bonus, which is uncovered by revealing 3 Gold cards, lands the player in a 20-game battle of high-low against the Queen. More prizes are definitely possible here, and a novel game mechanic adds tantalizing interest.

Queen of Diamonds offers a rich card theme and exciting bonuses, on target to especially appeal to players who are on the hunt for exciting bonus games.

6. Enchanted Winnings

Enchanted Winnings- Scratchie

Enchanted Winnings is an eInstant game that takes players deep into a maze-like world of whimsy, a magical forest filled with wonder and discovery. Cascading symbols, spiraling paths, colorful mushrooms and shiny gems, this game has a unique 3D vibrance sure to please players on the lookout for big prizes as well as something special.

It’s easy to become enthralled creating lines of 3 or more matching symbols, all the while edging the Bonus Symbols ever closer to the center. Once there, they can unlock the Magic Win Bonus, which has the power to make even the simplest symbols into the mighty Magic Symbols. Get those and the game becomes even more charmed as Magic Symbols let players match anything.

7. Fruity Cubes

Fruity Cubes- Scratchie

Fruity Cubes is a multi-ticket eInstant game packed with a palette of colorful fruit and numerous ways to win.

With special features and surprise wins, Fruity Cubes offers a refreshing adventure as players try to find stars for instant wins and entrance into the bonus game, including the Fruit Squeeze Bonus that lets players fill glasses to win prizes deliciously. Summery fruits and fresh colors provide the backdrop for getting closer to the golden Extra Reveal and the all-important Surprise Win.

With a hundred symbols at play, opening up a bounty of possibilities, Fruity Cubes serves up mouth-watering fun in a rainbow of colors.

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