Hot Dice Instant Scratchie To Play With Bitcoins

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Hot Dice Instant Scratchie play with bitcoins
Hot Dice Instant Scratchie

Playing instant scratchies with Bitcoins has made things much easier for Aussie punters. There are many Australian friendly online casinos that offer Instant win games, lottery and Scratchie to play with Bitcoins.

Where to get Bitcoins?

You don’t need to fuss and fret about as how to make a deposit with Australian dollars at those casinos that is not willing to accept this currency. Buy bitcoins and store them in wallet and fund your casino account to play instant scratchies.

The easiest way to get them is through a bitcoin exchange. So how that works is:

  • Create a wallet at the bitcoin exchange: All you need is a verifiable email address to get started.
  • Once you’ve selected and signed up for an exchange, you can begin buying or transferring money to your exchange bank account.
  • Once money is deposited, you can choose to ‘Buy’ or ‘Trade’ the bitcoins,. The pricing will always vary depending on supply and demand.
  • Once the bitcoins are purchased, you can transfer your bitcoins from the bitcoin exchange to your wallets.

There are different methods through which you can purchase bitcoin. Also, there are many currencies you can use to buy bitcoin from different exchanges. After buying bitcoins you will be allowed to use them anywhere you want and enjoy anonymity and safety. Another thing is that you can exchange your bitcoin into fiat currency through any of your selected bitcoin exchanges online.

You can buy BTC in AUD dollars here or get the best prices to buy BTC by clicking here

Also, visit where Australians exchange Bitcoin into AUD dollars

Also, there are three thousand bitcoin ATMs in Australia. Click here to find BTC ATM near you.

Hot Dice Instant Scratchie to play with Bitcoins

Hot Dice Instant Scratchie play with bitcoins
Hot Dice Instant Scratchie is powered by RTG Gaming Software

Hundreds of scratchies can be played with Bitcoins as crypto casinos (that only accept Bitcoins to play games) or hybrid casinos (that accept both AUD and BTC to play games). One such interesting and fun filled instant Scratchie to play with Bitcoins is Hot Dice.

 Hot Dice is flaming hot scratch card game featuring incendiary prizes and lots of fiery adventures.  Hot Dice gives you five chances for you to win some serious cash

This game is a fun, simple scratch card game that is highly amusing. Win free games or money of up to 2000x times your original bet. You can bet with $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, and $10.00. Once you set your bet click on the button marked “Play”. You will see 5 pairs of dice on the screen that you can now scratch off. Click on each pair to scratch and see what lies underneath. If the Chip symbol is revealed, you will instantly win ALL prizes.

How to play Hot Dice Instant Scratchie with Bitcoins?

How to play Hot Dice Instant Scratchie with bitcoins
Hot Dice is a game based around the scratch card concept, using dice as its symbols

To play Hot Dice Instant Scratchie with Bitcoins join any online casino that allows BTC deposits like Ripper Casino, Ozwin Casino, Cool Cat Casino and various others.

Remember that Hot Dice Instant Scratchie is powered by RTG so hybrid online casinos seem best to play this game and win instant.

After the formality of joining the casino and opening your casino account with Bitcoin deposits head to the scratch card section at the games lobby to play this game.

You can play on mobile, PC or Tablet that’s your choice.

You can use the up and down arrows to choose your betting amount from $1 to $10. Or press Bet Max to play all credits at once. 

Hot Dice is a game based around the scratch card concept, using dice as its symbols, and the numbers on the dice are used to decide whether you win. There are a total of five and you may scratch the panels off one at a time or all at once. To win you must uncover two symbols whose dice total either seven or eleven.

The alternative win is by uncovering a chip symbol which then wins you all prizes present on the card. A progressive jackpot is available, awarded randomly and added to any other wins.

Thus the goal of Hot Dice is to reveal two dice on the same line that when added together total a 7 or 11. You may also win by revealing “Chip Symbol”. Whenever the dice sum 7 or 11 you win the prize shown on the dice. By revealing a “Chip Symbol” you win all prizes on the card. To start the game simply choose the betting amount from $1 to $10. You can scratch each hat by clicking on hats. You can scratch all hats at once by pressing the Scratch All button.

To make the most of Hot Dice start playing by placing low betting amounts. You may raise your bet once you feel more comfortable with the game or every time you see you are on lucky streak. It is very important to always to keep in mind that Hot Dice is a game completely based on luck. So manage your bank roll well and don’t chase your losses.

Why the wait, try this game right now by joining an of the online casinos now, even play for free and have fun or deposit real BTC to win real cash.

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