Australia’s Best 4 Food and Drink Festivals You Must Visit

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Australia’s Best 4 Food and Drink Festivals you must Visit

Australia is a land of versatility in almost every field. Be it sports, casinos, studies, food, wildlife, etc., it can be a surreal experience for the ones who are on a trip.

Best 4 Food and Drink Festivals You Must Visit

For the foodies out there who plan to visit the country, it is going to be an absolute delight for them. We have it all from ripe mangoes to the whiskey Trails of Tasmania.

1. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Melbourne, Victoria


One of the biggest food festivals in the world takes place in the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It spreads across the entire state of Victoria. Australian Bush certainly has a lot to offer such as a long lunch. Another one of the arrangements is the wine masterclass. Check out the different kinds of wine, drinks, and events held at the House of Food and Wine laneway.

Every year the amusing and stupefying events of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival change and there’s something new to explore. With events like the longest lunch in the game where you are supposed to sit down to a table more than 500 meters long, you will never get enough of the approach of this event.

Explore Melbourne’s foodie culture


The foodie culture of Melbourne is eternal. It makes a perfect harmony for people who are foodies and have an immense interest in cooking. The city has casual eateries, cheap eats, and quintessential dining venues like Flower Drum and Attica.  However, the best around the area is the Brae and Doot Doot Doot who are ginormous popular over here.

2. Orange F.O.O.D Week, Orange, New South Wales


Just around the town of Orange, the Orange F.O.O.D Week is the longest-running food festival of Australia to date. The uppercase ‘food’ is short for Food of Orange District. It is situated northwest of Sydney which is just a three-hour drive. Events like a 100-mile dinner, climate wines, Forage, day and night markets take place around here. The Forage event especially is a mesmerizing one because of meticulous and ergonomic planning of the guests to taste wine every 500 meters. To travel to the event, catch the F.O.O.D train from Sydney.

Three decades ago nobody would even have imagined starting something so menial and it getting so much status and popularity today. It perfectly portrays the versatile diversity of the Orange region’s yield and entertains the producers and organizers.

Australia’s longest-running food and wine festival celebrates its 29th anniversary with everything it has to offer I.e., the best of its kind of wine and dine. Nearly 100 satellite events have been recorded all over 10 days every Autumn.

We celebrate our local heroes and culinary legends this year to embark in such a wonderful event in the Orange region making Australia one of the most aspiring culinary destinations with the consistency of their providence of food and wine.

3. Tasting Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

Tasting Australia, Adelaide, South Australia
Tasting Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

The vintage foods that South Australia has to offer are prepared extensively on a scale of more than 100 lunches, events, and tasting classes. If you are the kind of person who likes to overlook serene and beautiful views whilst eating, dine at Australia’s some of the most incredibly unreal destinations like Barossa, Clare Valley, Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Valley, etc.

Tasting Australia is where foodies come to discover what’s new on the menu.


The spices that Australia has to offer are infinite. The quintessential aromas, flavors, and smells with the masterful preparation of food by some of the most amazing chefs in the world behind the desk can make this experience even more subtle and exhilarating. It becomes only better from here onwards with even more food and beverages.

Some of Australia’s cities have had a big impact on their culinary delicacies. For instance, Adelaide underwent a massive culinary change since the renowned chef Cheong Liew and Maggie Baker with chef Phillip Searle started experimenting on the food culture of Australia.

For the first time in 20 years, the title of Gourmet Traveller’s Restaurant has been returned to the restaurant Orana in Adelaide has returned home. The title of Australia’s Hottest Chef went to Jock Zonfrillo who is the executive chef at the restaurant Orana.

Other developments include the progress of Basket Range that has been attracting customers globally and the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy has brought around to the city by immortalizing the 2106 Barossa Grenache.

Something that only the Southern part of Australia can offer, for 10 days Tasting Australia allows you to use your passport for undecided eating and drinking experiences.

Tasting Australia also is the country’s one of the longest-running food festivals which keep on evolving as the generation keeps on proceeding further and further with more spice and determination from the chefs.

Fodor’s Travel has declared Tasting Australia as one of the most exciting food festivals in the world.

Led by Ian Parmenter and the Consuming Passions team, Tasting Australia was started in ’97 becoming one of the most exhilarating food festivals in the world. The South Australian Government was brought in by the management of the event under the leadership of chef Simon Bryant with his partners Paul Henry and Maggie Beer.

Nowadays, Simon Bryant and Nick Stock with Chong Liew are in-charge of the festival.

A total mind-boggling event of spice and flavor, Tasting Australia showcases the country’s best-grown personalities in the field of food and wine majorly. It also portrays other restaurant owners, producers, and chefs.

Other things include Long lunches, exclusive dinners, farm tours, tastings, masterclasses, sharing, and conversation.

4. The Grampians Grape Escape, Halls Gap, Victoria


Another one of Australia’s greatest achievements in their food culture, The Grampians Grape Escape is the celebration of gastronomic makers and producers of the Grampians region. Weekend party with masterclass celebrity chefs has never been cooler. This place is fixated in the foothills of the glorifying Mount Williams. There are also other events such as Barrique Auction and live bands will also be performing while you spoon over some of the best delicacies of Australia made by one of the best chefs on the planet. This event is also Australia’s one of the longest-running event of food and wine. For those who just can’t sit tightly after gazing over some food or wine, this is the perfect chance for you to grab on your desires and enjoy them whole-heartedly.

Created by Henry and Joseph Best in the 1860s, the Grampians have been slaying food and wine festivals all these years with their evergreen and everchanging winemaking techniques.

Popular for its underground cellar network, the vines of the first region were planted in the year 1865 by Joseph Best, at the Seppelts. The work of planting the vines was sanctioned by Josephy assigning the local gold miners to dig out the cellars that need to be 3 kilometers below the surface.

Story of Grampians Grape Escape


As an inspiration from his brother, Henry decided to plant his vineyard in the year 1866 at a site called the Best’s. These vines that Henry planted were rather extraordinary with up to 40 varieties and in this day and age, no other vineyard can match up to its quality and taste because Europe’s finest vineyard was destroyed in the 1800s by a pest.

The 150-year legacy of Henry’s vines still lives on even after his death by the Thomson family that took over it.

In the 1960s, other vineyards were planted to compete as to who were the best namely Mount Langi Ghiran, Montara, Halls Gap Estate, and Grampians Estate.

With every vine having their characteristic taste and smell, these vines can be spotted all over the Grampians National Park for the cool climate wines that make them unique in their way.

Join this year’s Grampians’ even and face and talk the winemakers of the area eye to eye, to hear their stories and their opinions as to what is wine should make it the perfect drink to consume. Other pastimes include food vans, live music, and fresh local produce.

Do not miss such a mesmerizing experience.

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