Scratchies VS Other Casino Games

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Scratchies has carved a unique niche in the world of gambling. Although they lack the skill of poker and blackjack and the glamour of craps, roulette, and baccarat, scratchies have similarities to all the other casino games.

We have assembled for you some comparisons and contrasts between scratchies and other casino games.

Scratchies Vs Pokies

With the proliferation of online casinos, the online versions have grown remarkably these days. Both the games have the same pattern of matching different symbols together and taking benefit of the human delight in finding and connecting patterns.

Scratchies and pokies both feature the same inspiration theme from pop cultures, movies, and TV and they also imitate other games like horse racing and poker. Technically both games are quite similar. In both games, you play by yourself. You can talk with people on the pokies next to you or others who are scratching off scratch cards close to you, but you don’t use the same machine at once or scratch off the same card.

Perhaps the most striking similarity between scratchies and pokies is that both games are purely based on luck.

But when it comes to the dissimilarities, one major difference between scratchies and pokies is that scratch cards focus on matching multiple symbols anywhere on the card, whereas pokies match symbols in a line. Yet other basic difference is the lack of bonus rounds and special video sequences in scratchies. Pokies are replete with these additional factors. One more difference is that the scratch card images are static, while even the oldest of pokies feature movement.

Scratchies and Other Casino Games

Other games like poker and blackjack also require skill. Although it is not enough to win every time since luck is also required. But scratchies are purely driven by luck, buying the correct card out of the bunch or, if online, playing the game at the right time when random number generators have dealt a winning combination. It appears that scratchies have nothing similar to games like these.

A theme on scratch cards is an effort to attempt to simulate a hand of blackjack or poker, or even other table games like roulette and craps. Of course, a similarity in this sense only goes so far, since scratchies simulate the real thing in these other games.

Another similarity is the play of all of these games in several rounds. In poker and blackjack, the round is termed as a hand, while the round in scratchies is the scratch card itself. In all these games you can change your wager in every round.

Scratchies and Bingo

Bingo and Scratchies have several basic similarities. Like the similarity with pokies, bingo and scratchies both involve the matching of symbols to create a pattern. In bingo, the pattern is more arbitrary, with every sheet’s rows of numbers are unique. In bingo the pattern is simple–fill in the boxes in a row across your bingo card. In scratchies, the pattern is matching groups of symbols, even if the setup of each scratch card differs.

Both bingo and scratchies use the tangible materials, specifically cards. Bingo cards have their numbers printed in full view, while scratchies have their symbols hidden inside a latex film which you need to scratch off.

Apart from these similarities, scratchies differs also from bingo games in many ways. Bingo is played against other people. Competition is the core of the game. Another important difference is that any bingo player has sufficient information to determine their odds of winning, which is impossible with scratchies unless you have revealed the inside information regarding the frequency of different prize level combinations.

Yet another basic difference is that only in certain kinds of scratch cards is the possibility of choice. In bingo, you have to play whatever number shows up in the hopper. With some kind of scratchies, you can win if you scratch off the right sequence. So there is a chance to opt for the correct one and a possibility to choose incorrect one. In these types of scratchies, cards with more than the allotted segments scratched off are voided.

So although if you classify scratchies amongst other games involving pure luck and little skill like bingo and pokies, scratchies have some similarities with casino games even as they have significant differences also with all the other games as well.

Why Aussies and Kiwis love scratchies?

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Though there are so many casino games to play at online sites Aussies and Kiwis are more attracted to scratchies. In research done by Roy Morgan, where he conducted personal interviews with thousands of Australians in their homes found that scratchies were the most popular games among people. There are about 3 million scratch card sales over the last three years as compared to other casino games.

Following are the features of scratchies that lure players to them.

1. Scratchies are instant

What players particularly enjoy about scratch cards is the instant gameplay and instant results. Playing high strategy games such as poker or card games require a degree of time and patience. The outcome of playing scratch cards is pretty much decided the, you buy the card, scratch and win or lose.

When playing pokies or other casino games much is dependent on the variant of the pokies played. By their very nature, high variance pokies demand patience. Also pokies players can expect longer periods of gameplay with no wins in between.

2. Easy to play

Scratchies don’t demand any skill. Somewhat like pokies. Scratchies are simple in nature and appearance. You take the scratch card and scratch. Reveal the numbers or symbols and win. That’s it.

But when you play scratchies at online casinos they work like pokies The computerized random number generator (RNG) then decides if the scratch is a winning one or a losing one.

3. Costs less to play

Scratchies are the most affordable games to play. They cost as low as few cents to few dollars and yet make you a millionaire if you win.

That is why people are more attracted to instant scratchies because they can afford to lose few cents if they don’t win. Whereas at online casinos playing other games might totally overturn your bankroll.

4. Offer mystery prizes to win

Scratch cards offer mystery prizes to win. You never know what prize is hidden behind the scratch. That can be a voyage or a travel trip in a luxurious hotel; big huge cash win or any thing that is most valuable for you.

5. Scratchies are for a good cause

Playing scratchies in Australia and New Zealand is for a good cause. Over the years, if you’ve played lottery games in Australia or New Zealand, you’ve helped contribute to your local community – from building hospitals to assisting disaster recovery efforts. Each year, Lotto NZ transfers 100% of profits to the NZ Lottery Grants Board, providing essential funding to 3,000 community groups and organizations around the country every year. Since Lotto NZ started, more than over $3 billion in funding has been returned to Kiwi communities.

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