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Android scratch cards were introduced only in the last few years, when the popularity of Android devices has skyrocketed, which also coincide with the gradual proliferation of online scratchies.

While conventional scratch cards are easy to find and purchase, you still need to reach a physical location to get them. This isn’t required when you find an online version on your Android where you can win real or fake money while sitting at a doctor’s office or waiting for your daily transport. And just like the real game, there are plenty of cards and themes to choose from.

About the Android Operating System


The Android operating system is based on Linux and is meant to be used with mobile devices like tablet, computers, and smartphones. Introduced and owned by Google, this open source OS allows anyone to modify and distribute its software. This has led to an instant boom of Android products and apps.

Some of the popular features include video calling, web browser, messaging, streaming media support, Bluetooth, screen capture, and video capture.

Online Real-Money Scratchies

There are several punters who relate scratch cards with the physical world, but there are many who are finding the joy of playing virtual scratch-off cards. No need to stand in line at the store to buy your card. That means, the online scratchies offer the same excitement with a much lesser hassle.

Here are a few places to begin your quest for instant online fun:

Royal Vegas Casino 

Several people think of Royal Vegas Casino as yet another online casino, and this is true also but in addition to offering a tremendous variety of Internet casino games, they also offer real money scratchies online. You can play real money scratchies games on your android mobile by accessing Royal Vegas Casino.

Online Free Scratch Cards

While professional punters will look for real-money scratchies, more casual players may also like to seek some fun thrills by playing online free scratch cards on their Android mobile. You can find these games in Google Play. Here is what you can find when searching for free scratch cards to play.


In this game, the dealer and the player both have a two-card blackjack hand. Scratch off both to see if you can reach somewhat near to 21 than the dealer without going over. If in case you do, scratch off the multiplier and prize boxes to see your winnings. If you are lucky enough, you may win the top prize of $10 million.

Bingo Bucks

In this bingo you need to scratch off the 12 winning numbers. Now, scratch off the 25 spaces on the bingo card and see if any of these matches with the winning numbers. You can win up to $1 million in fun money if you match a line vertically, diagonally, horizontally, or in all four corners.

Aztec Gold

Start from the bottom of the Aztec pyramid and scratch off the symbols. If you find an arrow symbol, then you may move to the next level and continue scratching. This game has seven levels in all, and the fake payouts start on the second level ($20). On reaching the top of the pyramid you can win $2 million, but of course, this isn’t real money.

Scratch Cards! Premium

In this virtual game, you need to virtually scratch off these tickets to reveal if you win or not. The goals of each card may vary, which may include beating the dealer in blackjack and getting three-of-a-kind in a five-card poker hand. Although all these games are free to download, this one costs $1.95.


Android scratch cards are gaining a lot of traction these days as an increasing number of people are purchasing mobile devices and discovering a love for instant lotteries. If you want to play for real cash or just for fun, you can find many sites and apps meant to address your specific needs.

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