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Prime Scratch Card is new online sctachie site that accepts Australian punters to play instant scratchies. At Prime Scratch Card offers instant win prizes of up to $50,000 per card with more than 150 unique amazing scratchies games, including amongst others, the ‘classic’ scratchcard and their unique 3WOW! game where you can win up to $50,000 in one second.

Prime Scratch Cards is a brand owned by Prime Online LTD, a company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands whose registered office is at Road Town, Drake Chambers, Tortola, 3321 British Virgin Islands. The games on this website are powered and operated by Aspire Global International Limited., a Malta-based company and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Scratch Card Games to play

At this online scratch card casino you will find a bit less than 50 instant scratch cards as well as slot games to play.

Slot machines are simply awesome and popular ones. Play slots like Starburst, Twin Spin, Egyptian Maic, Astro Dice, Grand Crown, Elements, Monte Carlo, Steam Tower, Mythic Maiden, and others.

It’s your choice to switch to mobile play or play on your PC, instantly without any download.

But if you wish then scan the QR code on your mobile and begin to play. Also get the link by SMS on your mobile to play now.

Popular Online scratch cards to play

Power Cash

Power Cash is fairly a typical for a scratch card game, which is great in a market that is saturated with games that feel similar to one another. Along with its unique gameplay, Power Cash features classic casino iconography which is sure to bring back memories of the casino for its players.

Power Crash is a bit nonstandard in that it is a 7×3 scratch card game offering a potential of 21 different scratch items. Before the player hits play, they’ll be able to select the number of lines to play, between one and seven. They’ll also be able to select their wager. The combination of the wager and number of lines to play will yield the total bet amount before the player goes ahead and pulls the trigger by pressing the play button. At that, the scratch off will commence, revealing classic casino symbols like diamonds, bells, cherries, and lucky sevens.

The player has to match three icons on each line in order for that line to win. Like many scratch card games, but not all, there is an auto-play feature in Power Cash, which enables you to play multiple games in a row without hitting any buttons.

Power Cash by NeoGames has the makings of a winner scratchcard game – it looks nice and scratchy, has an out of the ordinary gameplay, and high prizes – but it falls short in some of the basics. Each card has up to seven pay lines, this means seven chances to reach the jackpot. On each line the player has to match three of a kind. The icons are all of the casino’s iconic – fruits, 777, cube, etc.

This game has a really unique gameplay. By giving you 7 lines of 3 scratch off choices, it really reflects the construction of a slot machine rather than a scratch card game. However, this allows the player to customize each game heavily. Giving a player the option to choose the number of lines as well as the wager allows the player to put in more money when he or she is feeling lucky and to play it safe when they’re not feeling so lucky. This makes the scratch card game an active rather than a passive experience.

The importance of an auto-play feature can not be overstated. Scratch card games can be a relaxing experience and the auto-play feature helps that by allowing players to let the game play out on its own while they can just watch as they rack up cash. It also allows people who don’t have a lot of time to get the most repetitions they can out of whatever time they have to play this scratch card game.

Finally, the game boasts a high payout, which is of course very important in any sort of gambling game. That being said, there are some flaws in the game, one very serious, that could prevent it from being a great game.

Go 777

Go 777 scratch card game encapsulates the future of scratch card gaming and you’ll love the outstanding 3D slot style scratch card game! The fantastic high-quality graphics you’ll encounter are guaranteed to provide a great immersive gaming experience for newbie players and seasoned pros alike. The fun slot/scratch hybrid design of this game makes it an ideal gaming choice for both scratch card fiends and slot lovers.

The highly engaging graphics used for this thrilling scratch/slot hybrid will definitely tempt players into giving Go 777 a go! This brand-new scratch card game successfully captures the atmosphere you’d enjoy at a land-based casino. Plus, the exciting special feature included in this scratch card game allows you to switch machines. This ‘Change Machines’ feature enables you to enjoy a new set of thrilling 3D effects. Plus, you’re guaranteed three different chances to win with every game!

Go 777 offers simple and convenient gameplay, with an easy-to-navigate gaming interface and simple rules. Before you begin playing, you will be required to choose your betting amount. Bets for Go 777 begin at just 50p and will rise to a maximum bet of $10 per game. This wide range of betting options provides a highly flexible scratch card experience. This flexibility means that everyone can get involved with this thrilling slot/scratch hybrid.

Once you have chosen your betting amount, you’ll need to hit the ‘Play’ button and click on the three gaming machines to scratch the relevant panels and reveal your cash prize. Just remember, if you want to claim the huge $100,000 jackpot up for grabs, you’ll need to play using the maximum bet! Plus, the handy ‘Scratch All’ feature makes playing a lot of games with minimal clicks super easy.

Slot 777

Slot 777 online scratch card game has the name, look and feel of a slot machine, but is so much more! It’s got a nostalgic feel to it and is the kind of game you could play for hours. The graphics of the game are impeccable and you instead of the usual background music, real casino sounds take over to enhance the feeling of being in a casino. The Slot777 online scratch card game is perfect example of how a simple and basic game can still be exhilarating. The graphics of the game looks like your typical slot machine set in a casino and the sound effects compliment the theme. The huge payout is a good reason alone why you should try Slot777 online scratch card game!

Instantly you’ll think Vegas with the classic lighting, the luxurious carpet and the endless rows of slot machines around. To get the game going, you’ll need to start with the screens on the three slot machines that are covered. Then, you’ll need to start ‘scratching’ to reveal the symbols on the slot machines. As always in these online scratch card games, if you uncover three matching symbols, you’ll win the amount displayed on the symbol.

Lemons, plums and cherries all appear as reel icons. You’ll also find the iconic Bar, double Bar, triple Bar and ‘7’ icons which match the classic slot machines you’d expect to find down your local watering hole.

Before starting the actual game you’re expected to choose the prize of one card. The minimum amount is 50 pence for one card, whereas the maximum amount is $10 a card. As explained above, in order to win, you should scratch three matching symbols on either one of the machines. Your potential winnings will be calculated depending on your stake.

Slot 777 online scratch card game is incredibly easy to play and nothing short of entertaining. For a chance of winning the jackpot, you’ll need to raise your stake as the jackpot cannot be triggered with a 50 pence bet. That means, 50 pence for one scratch card isn’t enough! Find your way through to get your hands on the colossal jackpot which is no less that $100,000!

Once again, it’s the same old drill when it comes to choosing an amount you wish to bet. This is done by clicking on either the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign at the ‘Card price’ meter. Needless to say, that the higher the wager, the higher the prize potential will be. The game gives you two options to choose from. You can either scratch off the card manually, or you can click on the ‘Scratch All’ button to get all slot machines revealed simultaneously.

Keep in mind that although the game has the look and feel of an online slot, it isn’t. It’s an online scratch card game which is why it has no special features like online slots have. 

VIP Black

VIP Black scratchie

VIP Black is an online scratch card game with 3 different ways to win! The aim of the game is to match any of the ‘Winning Numbers’ covered by a star to any of ‘Your Numbers’ covered by the euro symbol. Each one of ‘Your Numbers’ have their own monetary prize underneath and some may also be marked with a diamond or a ruby.

You can choose whether to play with either 10 or 20 of ‘Your Numbers’ and the minimum price you can pay per star ‘Your number’ is 0.01p and the maximum you can pay per star is £10. You can win with multiple numbers per game and a maximum of five.

Prices available per Star: $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10

You can choose to take your time and enjoy scratching the numbers off one by one to reveal them slowly or else you can use the ‘Reveal All’ button which is located in the bottom right hand corner – this will scratch all ‘Your Numbers’ and ‘Winning Numbers’ at the same time. You can check the total amount you won per round in the ‘Wins’ box and then your winnings are added to your game balance.  The total amount you can win will depend upon your Star Price – The more valuable the star the higher your winnings could be.

This online scratch card has two bonus features:

  • Find 3 numbers with a Ruby symbol to earn the ‘Rubin Bonus Game’. Here you will have the chance to spin rubies and land on guaranteed prizes. The prizes you land on will add up until you land on a ruby with a COLLECT symbol. You can win the Star Price up to X800.
  • Find 3 numbers with a Diamond symbol to receive a ‘Diamonds Bonus Game’. Here you will reveal 7 Diamonds out of 14. You can win a Star Price of up to X1100.

You can play this game on mobile or tablet too. In the mobile version of this game: tap the “GEAR” button in the upper right corner of the game screen to make adjustments: On the Game Adjustments page, select the desired amount of ‘Your Numbers – Stars’ by adjusting the Number Of YOUR NUMBERS selector. In addition, you can select the bet per ‘Your Numbers – Stars’ by adjusting the Bet per ‘Your number’ selector.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven scratch cards

7th Heaven is one of those exciting online casino scratch card games with huge winning potential. Upon entering the game, seven lines greet you, all in need of a good scratching. Each of the lines holds three numbers and the winning potential to bag the big prizes.

7th Heaven is an online scratch card which is has its own unique twist. This online scratch card game has seven rows with two scratch boxes on each row and it gives you the ability to play seven rows containing two scratch boxes at the same time. In each round, there are different numbers can be seen on the left. When three consecutive sevens make their way, you’ll win the random prize displayed on the right.

The online scratch card game promises to deliver an outstanding experience, a superior one to other scratch card games. With an awesome colour feature and sound effects, it makes the game like no other online scratch card game. Another incredibly exiting element of 7th Heaven is that the the game allows you to play as many as 7 games simultaneously.

To start the game, you’ll need to select your desired, stake which could be as little as 50p. Next, you’ll need to choose the number of lines that you want. You can choose up to seven lines. The lines to be played are coloured in red. The total bets panel shows the staked amount. Once you you’re happy with everything, click on the ‘Play’ button to commence the game. You can begin by scratching any of the highlighted lines. If you want to play quick, you can click the ‘Scratch All’ button, which will scratch all of the highlighted lines simultaneously.

When any line is scratched, it will show three numbers on first panel and the prize amount on second. Always keep in mind that your ticket is a winning one if you make three 7’s. If the numbers don’t show up and a gift box is visible instead of the three 7’s, you’re still a winner with the prize that equals the prize associated with that particular line. Every time a line is scratched, there is a huge winning potential. So why not give 7th Heaven a try, as you could be the next jackpot winner!

The most appealing element of 7th Heaven online scratch card is the huge jackpot. One lucky punter can get their hands on a whopping $100,000! Easy wins is what it’s all about in this online scratch card. You will be able to win unbelievable cash prizes with the smallest bets right from the start. If you’re looking for an action packed and exciting scratch card game,  then you should look no further then 7th Heaven Scratch card. You can choose to play with one row or with multiple rows with a maximum of 7 rows. You can also vary the bet per line from 25p to $10 per line. 

To get started you are offered a new player welcome offer of 120 free cards on your first 3 deposits + 100% deposit bonus. Special offer using a promo code of 20 FREE Scratchies Bonus no Deposit for new players (with promo code only).

Also get 100% match deposit bonus on your first deposit as said above.

You can make a deposit in real AUD with mny friendly deposit options like Master Card, Visa Card, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe card and others.

Also, the online casino Prime Scratch cards offer ‘Customer Care’ to players. You can either chat, phone, and email support available every day from 8:00 to 01:00 CET. The casino is rated best for fast payouts and a very rewarding VIP program.

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