How to Win Scratchies. Scratch Cards Odds.

Scratchies have long been one of the most fun and convenient ways to gamble. As many know, they are played simply by scratching off portions of the card to reveal the result and what prize (if any) has been won. Of course, there’s more to it than that, as there are many different games and styles of play to enjoy.

Many themes emerge that are seasonal and lottery companies introduce new games regularly to keep scratch cards fun and entertaining to play. So to win Scatchies online you should consider the following

Know the game rules

This applies same as with any other casino games that you choose to play and that is know the game rules. Understand the concept of the scratch card game you choose to play at online casino. To know better is always advisable to play free scratchcard games online. This way, you get to practice various betting combinations, play many games and enjoy the Vegas-style realism for as long as you like. Such Practice-mode scratchies are the best learning resource for any new players and you can know better of the game rules before indulging in real money play.

Tiki Treasure Scratch and Win

Each scratch game has odds for winning the multiple prizes

Just because winning or losing is predetermined does not mean that a savvy player can’t influence how often he or she wins. The best way to maximize your chances of winning a prize is to be knowledgeable and informed about the odds.

Each scratch game has odds for winning the multiple prizes that are available.

The odds should be available on the back of the card. Simply look at the back and see what the odds are of winning various prizes. If you are choosing cards simply based on the theme or the game type, that is certainly your prerogative. However, it is always best to go by the odds if you simply want to increase your chance of winning a prize.

What are the best scratch cards to play

Your evaluation of the best instant scratchies will have a lot to do with what you are looking for in a scratch game. If you don’t want to spend a lot, you may prefer a $1 scratch game even if the odds aren’t the best or the theme is kind of dull. If you want to have the best chance to win, you will simply go by the best odds.

If you want a chance to win a large prize, you can do so by playing a more expensive scratch card. Some of the most popular scratch cards include classics like Crosswords, Bingo, or cards where you can win big, like NSW’s Black Edition and Velvet Edition.

Here is a list of websites to buy and play Scratchie games online.

Best online scratch cards

  Best online scratch card at Rich casino

The technology behind today’s online scratchies makes it even harder to determine which scratch card game to play. It’s hard to go with a “strictly by the odds” mentality when you are faced with an entertaining scratch game like Treasure Hunt, Super Zeroes or Freezing Fuzzballs Scratchie where you pick different locations on the animated map to “dig” for treasure.

Another advantage with scratch games like this is that you can choose your betting amount, so you can play your favorite game no matter how much (or little) you’d like to wager.

Other great online scratch cards include variations of bingo such as Bingo Bonanza and Ballistic Bingo, or the fun Space Evader. If you are more into looking for the largest possible prize, look toward games like Wintry Wonderland Scratch, which have progressive jackpots that can net you a very large payout if you’re lucky.

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Play Instant Scratchies Online Free

Rich casino scratch card games

Scratchies are so much fun and easy to play and if they are to be played instantly without any download  that too all free then the excitement is more spiced up. All you need is to select the game you wish to play from the list of scratch card games given and start at once.

Our collection contains the best scratchcards to play instantly. Find which games entice you more and begin the Scratch show.

Best Sign-Up Bonuses

When playing Scratchies online you will find some bonuses and promotions are offered to you. Always look at promotional pages to find bonuses like sign up bonuses, match bonuses, monthly bonuses, weekend bonuses, daily bonuses, refer a friend bonus, VIP bonuses and more.

Find some of the best bonuses that online casinos offer for Scratchie players.

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Australian Winners

Australian Winners

Aussies love to play Scratch cards and the winners always have their inspirational stories which will certainly motivate you to become a winner too. It is not only the progressive jackpots and the lottery winners but every day online casinos payout winnings worth thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions.

When playing online Scratchies at casinos you will find that there are number of cash prizes to win along with awesome jackpots. Most big winners at online casinos play the maximum bet allowed which can easily result in huge wins.

Here find the list of Aussie great instant winners of online scratchies and pokies at casinos who really have some tale to tell for you to take this as a guide and learn to win too.

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Nov 02, 2013
pericles t
USD 19,125.00
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Nov 02, 2013
Robert I
USD 15,823.00
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Oct 18, 2013
Darren C
USD 15,395.00
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Oct 18, 2013
Wesley S
USD 14,140.00
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Nov 02, 2013
Paul T
USD 13,561.00
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Oct 18, 2013
Annette C
USD 12,515.00
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Oct 18, 2013
Diane W
USD 12,496.00
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Oct 18, 2013
Peter L
USD 12,372.00
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Oct 16, 2013
Craig S
USD 12,075.00
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Oct 18, 2013
Annette C
USD 11,747.00
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