How to Play Scratchies and Win

Scratchies have long been a popular way to gamble in the real world, and in recent years that popularity has translated to millions of people playing the lottery games online.

With rumors that Lotto scratchies could be coming online, as well, there are many people who are curious about how scratch cards work on the internet.

Intralot Sample Scratchies Australia

Prizes are all decided at the time that the cards are printed

Scratch cards are a unique form of lottery where the prizes are all decided at the time that the cards are printed. However, great care is taken to use state of the art printing techniques to ensure that no one knows which cards will be winners until the player finds out his or herself.

Scratch cards are “pooled” as they are printed to ensure a fairly even prize distribution in different areas, so that all the winning cards don’t end up at the same place.

Lotto Scratchies

Most people have gotten their first experience with scratch cards by playing Lotto scratchies. If you aren’t familiar with them, Lotto scratchies are cards that feature different games, pictures or codes where you need to scratch off certain portions of the card to reveal whether you have won or not.

These scratchies come in set denominations, most often starting at $1.10 and going up to $5 in one-dollar increments. Scratchies that cost more than $15 are rare. Lottery companies throughout Australia may share the same types of cards, but a ticket purchased in one state or territory may not be redeemable in another.

Here are few examples of lotto scratchies

$1 Loose Change – If you find the same dollar amount three times on the card, then you win that sum of money. Prizes range from a free ticket to $20,000, and the odds of winning are 1 in 4.60.

Money Train – A $5 card that requires you to scratch both the “your numbers” and “lucky numbers” panels. Match a number in both panels and win that amount of money. A total of 400,000 tickets have been issued for sale, and 95,330 of these are winners. The top prize is $200,000.

Royal Edition – This $15 card has sections for “lucky numbers” and “your numbers.” When numbers in both sections match up, you win that dollar amount. There’s also a bonus game panel where you can win additional money by finding the same symbol three times. The odds of winning are 1 in 3.24, and prizes range from $15 (74,000 are available) to $1,000,000 (only 1 is available).

Roaring 20s – A $1 game that requires players to reveal the nine covered spaces. If you uncover three red diamond symbols in an unbroken horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, then you win the top prize of $20,000. Uncovering three identical dollar amounts in a row wins that amount of money. Finally, you can win a free ticket by uncovering three “$1 Free Ticket” symbols vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. One-million of these tickets were released for sale, and 260,756 are winners.

Intralot Scratchies

Intralot is one of the more well-known scratch card companies and have made a big splash in the past with one of their more aggressive moves. For Father’s Day in 2011, they introduced Victoria’s first ever $1 million dollar scratch card, with a ticket price of $20.

Tattersall’s (or Tatts), which owns the Golden Casket Lottery, sells scratch cards in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania. The highest prize offered is AUD $250,000 tickets. Victoria and Tasmania also allows Intralot Australia to sell instants, which are given the name “Lucky Tix”. These cards are sold for $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, and $10 amounts. The highest prize from Intralot Australia scratchies is $500,000.

At any given time, you’ll find about a dozen different scratchie types for sale in New South Wales. The jackpot among NSW instants is $250,000. These tickets are sold by NSW Lotteries. In South Australia, SA Lotteries sells scratchies. The top prize for SA Lotteries is $300,000, though an additional $75,000 jackpot is offered once per year. In Western Australia, Lotterywest sells instant lotto tickets. The top reward offered is $300,000.

Intralot provides scratch cards not just in Australia, but also in the UK, Croatia and other areas, as well.

Scratchies NSW

NSW Lotteries first introduced instant scratch cards to Australia in 1982, with a game titled “Harbour Bridge”. The game had a $1 price and players could win up to $50,000 by playing.

Since scratchie players enjoy variety, NSW creates up to fifty new games per year to keep things entertaining and fresh. Prices vary from $1 to $15 on most cards and top prizes can range from $20,000 to $1 million! Popular NSW scratchies have included Mega Money, Crosswords, and licensed games like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

How do you play Scratchie games online

Hopa Casino to play online scratchies

Online scratchies are just as easy to play as their real-world counterparts, and have gained in popularity to the point when most online casinos now feature them in one form or another. Obviously, there is no literal “scratching” involved, but when you play an online scratchie, you still reveal hidden portions of the card to reveal whether you are a winner or not.

Unlike real-life scratchies, everything happens instantly and you can buy and play from reputable websites or online casinos.

Just as with traditional scratch cards, online scratchies have a variety of denominations to choose from, but most scratchies tend to be priced fairly low and offer big top prizes with lots of smaller prizes that are awarded more frequently. Many different themes are available and some games offer fun graphics and sounds to make the experience even more enjoyable.

  1. Register on the website or online casino free. You can choose to play online or to download the games on your PC. There are advantages of both.
  2. If this is your first time playing online I would test the Scratch games before depositing my money
  3. Once you understand the rules and you're confortable deposit using your Credit Card or method of choice
  4. If taking any promo bonuses, always read the T&Cs as some of them can tie you up and have restrictions

Take the Super Zeroes Game As Example

Super Zeroes Scratch Card game

Nine scratch panels are displayed. Behind the scratch panels are symbols. Any three matching multiplier values complete a winning combination. You scratch using your mouse.
Only one winning combination is paid out per card. If there is more than one possible winning combination on a card, you are paid out the value of the highest combination only.

General Rules

  • You can only bet on one card at a time.

Betting and Payout Rules

  • Match three symbols to win.
  • Only one winning combination is paid out per card.
  • If there is more than one possible winning combination on a card, you are paid out the value of the highest combination only.
  • Winnings are calculated by multiplying the multiplier value won, by your total bet amount.
  • All payouts are in credits.
  • The total number of credits won depends on the bet amount you select, multiplied by the multiplier value won.
  • Malfunctions void all plays and pays.

Now enjoy some of the best online Scratchies and see for yourself the thrill of playing and winning something big.

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Play Instant Scratchies Online Free

Rich casino scratch card games

Scratchies are so much fun and easy to play and if they are to be played instantly without any download  that too all free then the excitement is more spiced up. All you need is to select the game you wish to play from the list of scratch card games given and start at once.

Our collection contains the best scratchcards to play instantly. Find which games entice you more and begin the Scratch show.

Best Sign-Up Bonuses

When playing Scratchies online you will find some bonuses and promotions are offered to you. Always look at promotional pages to find bonuses like sign up bonuses, match bonuses, monthly bonuses, weekend bonuses, daily bonuses, refer a friend bonus, VIP bonuses and more.

Find some of the best bonuses that online casinos offer for Scratchie players.

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Australian Winners

Australian Winners

Aussies love to play Scratch cards and the winners always have their inspirational stories which will certainly motivate you to become a winner too. It is not only the progressive jackpots and the lottery winners but every day online casinos payout winnings worth thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions.

When playing online Scratchies at casinos you will find that there are number of cash prizes to win along with awesome jackpots. Most big winners at online casinos play the maximum bet allowed which can easily result in huge wins.

Here find the list of Aussie great instant winners of online scratchies and pokies at casinos who really have some tale to tell for you to take this as a guide and learn to win too.

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